Sunday, December 30, 2018

2018 Year in Review

2018....our biggest year ever. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary in May and reached the 500 post milestone back in August....and we are approaching 1 Million unique visitors to the blog...this might not seem much when a cat video on youtube can get a million hits in a day, but this is a very specific blog, one that doesn't appeal to everyone the way a cute kitten might. 
This year also saw a record number of posts and projects. This is our 117th post this year.

On with the review









As in the past we will continue to focus on gun refinishing and customizing projects. We will also continue with Featured Gun articles, posts on abandoned or lost Firearm Factories, Gun Porn, Interesting Firearm Photos, Gun and Gun Part reviews, Theme Guns & Gun Art. I may even bring back girls with guns.....also new this year will be some ammo reviews. Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supply has asked me to review ammo for them.

Upcoming Projects:

Mauser 98 Sporter Rifle: A friend of the blog inherited an unfinished Mauser 98 Sporter project. We will finish what is left to be done and give the new owner an heirloom to enjoy instead of a box of parts. 

Ruger Standard Pistol: I found a 1966 vintage Ruger standard pistol that was in need of love. I found the proper grips & magazine for it, now I need to restore it.

New Haven 250C: an affordable little rifle, built by Mossberg circa 1960

Remington 870 Wingmaster: I take a rust pitted pile of parts and turn it into a beautiful example of a Police shotgun

Winchester model 97: One of the original pump action shotguns, this one made in 1926.

Remington 512 Sportmaster x2: I have two more of these guns to restore, my brother is a big fan of these.

Remington 511 Scoremaster: another chance at redemption for a gun that sat unloved for too long

Remington 513S Matchmaster: A gift from my Uncle, it was in pieces, a perfect project for me.

High Standard HD Military: A classic American pistol will get a new finish.

Marlin model 75: A quick refinish for a .22 rifle 

Stevens model 73: a single shot missing the bolt....a common theme

Smith & Wesson model 19: I will refinish my 3rd S&W model 19, this one had some engraving from the wholesaler that needs to be removed.

Winchester model 77: A $50 buy from a local forum member....

J.C. Higgins model 36: one more of the $10 gun buys, that became a project

Springfield model 83: another inexpensive single shot in need of love

Ruger Mark II 50th Anniversary: Rebuilding a 50th Anniversary Mark II from pieces

Marlin model 60 Ultimate: I will attempt to collect the best parts Marlin ever put on a model 60 to create the "Ultimate model"

Savage 325A: Another $10 purchase turns into a project (three projects actually) 

Hi-Standard Sentinel: A gun that looks good on the inside, functions like new, but looks like it spent some time on the road to hell.

Mossberg 380 Rifle: a rust pitted semi-auto that needs some help

Hungarian Hi-Power: a rusty but functional Cold War Commie copy of the P35 

Remington 700 Rifle: A work horse of a hunting rifle will get a new finish and a new trigger.

Arisaka Carbine: A 6.5mm Jap Carbine with an intact mum, it needs a new stock and a rebluing 

Dan Wesson model 15: Another Dan Wesson, this one with extra barrels

Ruger 10/22 Projects:
  • Finger Groove Sporter: A chance garage sale find turns into another project
  • Finger Groove Sporter Tribute: A factory walnut stock modified to look like a FGS
  • The 10/22 Zombie Project: I experiment with Lichtenberg wood burning 
  • The 10/22 Hawken Rifle: I build a 10/22 tribute to the Hawken muzzleloading rifle
  • Unnamed project: A custom target stock with polished aluminum parts
  • Pirate Charger: I will attempt to cut down a factory wood stock and create a pirate pistol for my Charger

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