Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Politically Incorrect Magazines

At the time of this writing we are in-between buying scares.....The next one (this is an election year, in case you forgot) has not yet started, so I purchased a few of these AR contract magazines while the getting was good.


They were built by D&H Industries of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin....

The magazines came with the mil-spec followers, which I am not found of. So I ordered up some OD Magpul anti-tilt followers
along with some Pro-Mag magazine couplers
Before installing the Magpul followers, I decided I wanted to add some Punisher skulls. I have some Punisher Stickers, but I they are the wrong color, so I will use them as stencils.

Before painting I wiped down the magazines with acetone, the acetone removed the oils and much of the gray coating that was on the surface.

I wanted the Punisher skull to match my Magpul furniture, which is FDE, but my stickers were chrome. So I painted the lower section of the magazines a color called "Nutmeg"
I then added a mist of OD green over the top to get closer to Magpul's FDE
 After sufficient drying time I added the stickers, these stickers are made of mylar, which allows them to conform to the valleys/ridges.
 and painted the both sides of the magazine flat black

 After the paint dried I carefully removed the stickers

I then assembled the mags and installed the couplers, they look pretty good and should give the hoplophobes nightmares...

Friday, August 26, 2016

August Gun Porn: The Ruger Vaquero

This months gun porn is all about one of my favorite guns: The Ruger Vaquero. 

If you have a Vaquero and are looking for ways to customize it, see my post on that here

We'll start with some factory stock guns

The Montado (Spanish word for "mounted")

A "Calvary Model"
Bird's Head

  Bisley model

Some custom modified Vaqueros

These ones are from Hamilton Bowen

 Gary Reeder is responsible for these ones:

Some additional customized Vaqueros


Some "Antiqued" Vaqueros

We'll finish with some engraved Vaqueros

Some of the pictures above were found freely on the world wide web and are used under the guidelines of Fair Use, per Title 17 of the U.S. Code. Where possible the source has been credited.
If you own the copyright to any of these images and wish them to be credited or removed, please contact me immediately.