Sunday, June 30, 2013

Zombie guns

The Zombie craze hit the gun industry a few years ago and has been propelled by the interest in the Zombie genre movies coming out of Hollywood. A new one was just released: World War Z. This movie is based on a novel of the same name.
This genre is usually characterized by the use of the color neon green (sometimes neon orange and red are used as well), the bio-hazed symbol and/or a big letter "Z"

I thought I would chronicle some of the gun related products made to cater to zombie fans...

I think it started with Hornady's Z-Max ammunition

It was soon followed by MTM with a Zombie Ammo Can to store your Z-Max ammo

Plano also makes a Zombie Ammo can (with a Hornady sticker..)

Then Hogue and other grip makers began making zombie grips & stocks

Thanks to companies like Duracoat, anyone can build a Zombie gun, you could paint the gun, have it Hydrodipped in some zombie like print, install pre-made stocks or just add zombie accessories.....

There are now zombie gun cases....

Zombie targets

Then Zombie cleaning kits

  Zombie scopes & scope mounts

I understand the reticule in this holographic scope is a bio hazard symbol

Zombie lasers

Zombie Sling

more zombie ammo

Then the gun makers got involved, I'm not sure who was first, but Coonan put out this ad

Mossberg went all in with 3 dedicated Zombie models

A close up of their "Chainsaw ZMB model"

they even added a Just In Case (JIC) version

Ruger added an LCP "Z" version of their popular 380 pocket auto pistol, with optional laser

Sig made a couple of Zombie models as well

Taurus joined in the fun

as did Walther

Diamond Back offered a couple of hydro-dipped zombie options of their 380 pistol
Taylor's & Co is offering this "Zombie Blaster" version of their 1887 Winchester replica

Remington made red & green zombie versions of their Versa-Max shotgun

Remington added the same graphics to their 1911 pistol:

Iver Johnson just began offering this Zombie model

 Zombie Shotgun acessories

Zombie pistol bayonets?

Zombie knives?