Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Yet Another S&W model 19 Refinish Part 1

Here is yet another Smith & Wesson model 19 in need of some love.
This one looked like it took a tumble on the concrete at some point, but nothing we cannot fix.

According to the 3rd edition of the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, the gun is a model 19-3, a K-frame, square butt, pinned 4" barrel with, recessed chambers, Target Stocks and Target .500" wide hammer & trigger (color case hardened). 
The 19-3 was introduced in 1967, in 1968 the stocks lost the diamond in the center and in 1977 the 19-4 was introduced. So this gun was made between 1968 and 1977

some of the damage is apparent at the muzzle

The front sight is a little loose, and banged up

some of damage caused by what we assume was a close encounter with concrete or asphalt

The first step as always is disassembly

Make sure you use the correct screw driver....hollow ground and sized to fit the screw slot snugly

When removing the side plate, skip the screw driver, use a nylon faced hammer and give it a couple of good whacks on the grip frame

another important tool for working on S&W revolvers

When removing the ejector from the cylinder, NEVER use pliers, put the ejector rod between two pieces of pine boards and put in the vice, then put some empty shells in the chambers to support the extractor star and unscrew

I separate the parts into two groups, parts to be cleaned and parts to be reblued.
Of course both groups will get cleaned, but the ones that need bluing take priority

Now I identify the areas that need special attention, the right side of the muzzle

The left side of the front sight

the cylinder....ouch

The rear sight, although I think we will replace it

some mild pitting on the right side of the top strap

and one small spot on the top of the grip frame

Next we will get to sanding and polishing