Monday, January 21, 2019

Interesting Firearm Photos XXVI

A very unfortunate situation.....R. Budd Dwyer, a Pennsylvania politician who served as the state’s treasurer, after being convicted of 11 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud and perjury, he called for a news conference. Much to everyone’s shock, Dwyer pulled out a Smith & Wesson model 27 .357 revolver and committed suicide on air. The date was January 22, 1987, one day before his sentencing hearing.
Years later the people who testified against Dwyer admitted to lying about his involvement.

 1911 race gun

A U.S. Soldier and his M1 Rifle, December 1944, WWII Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes Forest, Belgium

This 1839 Flintlock was placed in the fork of the tree and the tree grew around the gun, it gained enough attention to be put in Ripley's Believe it or Not, read the story here

Tom Cruise behind the scenes of the filming of the movie Collateral

This picture was taken at the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, Union and Confederate veterans shake hands. The year was 1913.

Carl Gustav Swebilius the founder of High Standard working at his bench.

an illegally made 12 gauge revolver confiscated by police in Japan

In this Aug. 1, 1966 file photo, smoke rises from the sniper's gun as he fired from the tower of the University of Texas administration building in Austin, Texas, on crowds below.

Ram-Set Nail setting guns, converted to firearms, seized by Police in China

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