Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Winchester Model 70 Project Part 4

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The parts have been blued

Time to reassemble this rifle, I'll start with the bolt.

Safety is installed for the third is like anything else, by the time you are done installing wrong several times you are an expert

Firing pin installed

I polished the bluing off the bolt where it shows through the receiver

Extractor installed

The filler plugs on the side of the receiver get some Uncle Mikes thread locker and screwed in flush

next I install the threaded post for the forward take down screw, I always grease these, two reasons: it goes on easier and this is going to be buried inside the stock, we want to prevent any moisture from getting in there

Trigger, sear, ejector and other parts assembled

I cleaned the front sight in acetone before applying some B-C Perma Blue cold bluing. 

The reason we couldn't blue this with the rest of the parts is the bead on the front is aluminum and aluminum and bluing salts don't mix....the aluminum disappears like a Clinton witness.....

Installed, it is getting covered up by the sight hood, but I wanted to touch it up anyway

Rear sight is next

Then I assemble the floor plate hinge

then install the plunger and spring in the trigger guard

The next to the last step is the take-down screws, this gun has four of them (one is under the floor plate)

The last step is the application of Renaissance wax

Finished! If you are wondering what happened with the scope, I am still working on it. I think I can refinish it if I can get it completely disassembled. 

I somehow managed to put a small scratch in the can be fixed with some cold bluing

Before and after

On to the next project!