Saturday, November 30, 2019

Interesting Firearm Photos XXXV

participants in the Boxer Rebellion in China, circa 1899

pile of raw forgings for Smith & Wesson N frame revolvers

Confiscated AK-47s

The Mexican Marines brought instant justice to some cartel members

photo courtesy of Breitbart News

recent find from a European forest

Bonnie and Clyde's last ride

The deposed and deceased leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein with his Ruger Model 77 International model

Western Hunter/Trapper with his Henry carbine

We'll finish with this rare Brevet Remington double barrel Rolling Block pistol

Photo credit Morphy Auctions

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Refinishing a Mossberg model 380 rifle part 3

If you missed parts one and two click on the links below

Part one
Part two

I was able to get the parts blued between rainy days

Here they after soaking in the oil tank

Time to reassemble and get some pictures, but first we need to clean up the bolt and other pieces.

I had to assemble the receiver without any drawings or pictures...

One final touch before attaching the stock, paint the safety/fire indicator red with some Testors enamel paint

I also noticed the front sight is bent, pretty sure it didn't happen in my care

Havlin Sales has them for just $8

During reassembly, I also cleaned what appeared to be paint marks from the stock using fine steel wool, I then gave the stock a coat of carnuba wax


You can see some of the pitting near the roll marks and serial number remain

Before and After:

On to the next project!