Monday, November 29, 2021

The Winchester 97 Project Part 4

If you missed the earlier posts on this build, click the links below

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The parts have been blued and are ready for reassembly

I started with the brass bead on the barrel, a little blue thread locker was used to make sure it stays put

While the thread locker sets up, I went to work putting the receiver, bolt and carrier together, there is a mess of parts here. I have the bolt together, now I need to get the carrier and receiver together

90% assembled

The magazine is coming together

Finished.....well sort of, we still have a problem with the magazine not threading into the receiver. I thought I had removed it, but it still will not go.
This gun will need to go to a machinist to have the threads cleaned up and then possibly a replacement magazine or at least reblue this magazine as some of the bluing was scratched and worn off in my many attempts at getting the gun to go back together. 

and the before and after comparison shots

and on to the next project!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Golden Poop Awards: Fake News

It's that time of year again, we will announce the contestants for the most malicious, mendacious and maligned Media Reports

This year's proud sponsors are:

Traitorous Coffee Company: "We say one thing and do another"

and Woka-Cola: "First we were Anti-Black, now we are Anti-White"

and Going Broke Tires: "our crappy tires now come with crappy opinions"

with Hate Shoes: "We hate America, we hate Capitalism, we even hate you, won't you join us?"

and Patronizia Clothing: "shout your hypocrisy from the mountain tops"

Our first accusation nominee is directed at the entirety of the media. The entire leftist media machine was in full court press during the last year regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Here are the highlights of their lies:

1: He crossed state lines with the rifle.
For starters this was completely false, the gun never left Kenosha, secondly what the fuck does that matter??? This is America, it is NOT illegal to carry a rifle across state lines. 

2: He was a member of an "Unorganized Militia".

OK, the term "unorganized militia" is an can't even define militia without using the term organized....WTF people? Secondly there is ZERO evidence that Kyle ever joined or associated with any militia. And lastly, being a member of a militia is NOT illegal nor does it imply any wrongdoing and fuck you for implying that!

3: Kyle is a white supremist. 

OK we kind of expect this verbal shite from the race hustling media, it is their last bastion.....they sincerely hope to start a race war and then point the finger at the right and claim "they started it" like a fucking 5 year old....Everyone with two or more brain cells knows the Democrats have always wanted to control black people, from slavery to Jim Crow to welfare to BLM....keep 'em on the plantation is their policy...

Kyle has NEVER been attached to or made any mention of white supremacy, believe you me, had he done so Little Binger would have made hay of it during the trial.

4: Kyle was in possession of a gun illegally.

First he was not barred from possessing the gun due to his age, Wisconsin State Law allows for minors to possess long guns (rifles and shotguns) as long as they are not under the purview of the NFA (not short barreled).
Secondly, the AR-15 rifle is NOT illegal in Wisconsin.

5: Kyle had an "assualt rifle".

I shouldn't even need to explain this, if you read further on, I explain what an assualt rifle is.....the AR-15 that Kyle had, IS NOT AN ASSUALT RIFLE, PERIOD!

6: Kyle shot at protestors.

Burning, looting and destroying property is NOT protesting, these people were criminal rioters....and fuck you again for trying to paint them as victims...

7: Kyle killed unarmed men.

Not completely true. The first man to be shot was attempting to arm himself with Kyle's rifle, he had no choice but to shoot the worthless shitbag. Second the other two shitbags he shot WERE armed, one with an illegal pistol and one with a skateboard.

8: Kyle killed two black men.

Yeah, can you believe this shit? They actually said that he shot and killed unarmed black men, What the actual fuck? Just when you thought the media cannot get any fucking lower, they get lower than hot melted dog shit.

I will never forgive the members of the leftist media for this, neither should you.

This next one comes from Yahoo News via AFP (Agence France Presse). Either they are dumb as rocks, way too lazy to research the claim or are purposefully spreading any bad news about guns, even when untrue. 
Oh sure, those objects she is holding could have rolled out of a helicopter and landed on her roof.....but they most certainly were not fired from a rifle.
By the way, what she is holding are cartridges, the bullets are the pointy parts inserted into the end.

This AP report originally claimed that a "40mm pistol" was found at the suicide of Representative Dan Johnson". It has since been corrected to read ".40 caliber" (which has a 10mm bore, not a 40mm bore). This is another sign of lazy journalism. 

The Cuomos are about as F'ed up as a soup sandwich, theses pedo, rapist, self-absorbed assholes could qualify for all sorts of awards and today we nominate Fredo Cuomo:

CNN's Chris Cuomo retweeted a lie about a 20 year old boy buying and AR-15 in just 5 minutes with expired ID.

"I was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes. I’m 20 and my ID is expired.
-Cody Davis #GunReformNow

Turns out this Cody Davis kid never bought the gun, he had his picture taken with one, and talked to the gun shop counter person, but that was the extent of the exchange. No money changed hands, he filled out no paperwork, did not submit to the mandatory background check.....yet Cuomo, without investigating it, retweets the message as the truth.....why get it right, when you can get it left???
Oh and piece of lying shit, I hope you get attacked some day and the Police don't come to your know because cops carry gun and guns are bad.

The Guardian reported on President Obama's remarks following a shooting in South Carolina.....just reprinting his speech without calling into question his erroneous statements, like this one: "But let’s be clear: at some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries."

For one he uses the undefinable term of "advanced countries", for two he is wrong. Norway, Serbia, France....all sit at the list above the U.S. who is at #11 in terms of mass shootings per capita. Again the press doesn't question Obama, they just repeat his lies.

The same year that Odumbo made these remarks France had no fewer than 4 mass shootings, in fact since 2015 (when the erroneous remarks were uttered) France has seen 12 such attacks with 411 dead and hundreds more injured. Keep in mind, guns are practictly illegal in France.....
The truth is this: the chance of an average American being killed in a mass shooting event are 0.00000143% (
An American has better odds of being struck by lightning (especially if you live in Florida) than being involved in a mass shooting.

The Tweet below is from a leftist website called Talking Point Memo, founded by the twat Josh Marshall, he claims that the right to bear arms was made up by the NRA......

This guy is total fake news....he is either completely stupid or lying because he wishes to enslave others.
The right to self defense (which is where the individual right to keep and bear arms comes from) is a natural right that all living beings possess. Would Mr. Marshall not defend the right of the gazelle in using his horns to stop an attack by a lion?
BTW the Second Amendment was written 100 years before the NRA was worthless turd.

In late 2019 ABC News showed footage of what they said was a one-sided battle between Syria and Turkey, turns out it was a video taken by an attendee at the Knob Creek gun range night time full auto shoot. They thought nobody would notice.....starting to understand why we call it Fake News?

CNN's honorary Eunich Brian Stelter admitted on air that during a discussion on guns he let several falsehoods stated by gun control activist wanna be David Hogg (a little boy who really knows nothing about nothing...) pass by without challenge.
In reality none of these people should be opening their cockholsters when it comes to guns, none of them are if they want to talk about feltching or circle jerks...rave on cat shit

How can anyone trust anything from CNN? I mean really they admit to promoting lies, right to your face!

This one comes from the BBC, a country where anti-gun laws have led to stabbings, which led to knife control laws, which led to acid attacks which led to restrictions on purchasing acid which led to car assaults, now they are going to tell us how we should get rid of our guns and educate us on how much firearms cost in America

 Let's break this down, number one: The run of the mill AR-15 style rifle used to cost in the $1500 range, but that was years ago. Today they can be purchased for as little as $400. Certainly, one can spend $1500 or more on an AR-15, but isn't the purpose to show an average cost??
With the $200 price for a hand gun....which handgun are they referring to? One could by a hand gun for $200 (Hi Point). Definitely not a 1911, whose silhouette they used to represent handguns. I would say and average price would be closer to $400 (even higher for a 1911).

Jim Roberts self-described "Full time student of the news" and former NY Times reporter erroneously calls an SKS rifle an Assault Rifle.
Wrong, wrong, wrong....

Many will tell you that "assault rifles" do not exist, but that is not true. While there are some true assault rifles in America, to own one you would 1. be rich (they cost upwards of $10k each) 2. live in a state that allows class three weapons (not all states allow ownership) and 3. submit to a rigorous background check. 4. Pay for a tax stamp (originally designed to prevent the poor from owning them).

The term "Assault Rifle" comes from the NAZI machine gun known as the STG44 (Sturmgewehr or "Storm Rifle" model of 1944). The idea was a short rifle with a medium sized cartridge, that had a detachable magazine for easy reloading and was capable of semi-automatic and fully automatic fire (a very important distinction).
Although the SKS is chambered in a medium sized cartridge (7.62 x 39mm), it has a fixed 10 round magazine and is semi-automatic no dipstick the SKS is NOT an assault rifle.

What most media wingnuts call an "assault weapon" is merely a semi-auto rifle or what we used to call a "self-loading rifle".

Why is this important? Because there are people among us who, knowing nothing about guns, are proposing laws to restrict our rights....These people are not journalists, they are propogandists, slavers and anti-American Commies....

Again, we won't actually give out an award....these pieces of worm-infested cat shit don't deserve trophies. They deserve to get dick cancer

The post above is satire and meant to enlighten people, if you are offended....I don't care, fuck off

Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Winchester 97 Project Part 3

If you missed parts one and two click on the links below

Part 1
Part 2

When we left off I was about to start applying oil to the stocks, I sand in the first coat. I wet the stock with oil then sand with 600 grit paper, then force the slurry into the grain.
Here they are after the first coat cured for 24hrs.

One tip, after rubbing in the oil/sand dust slurry into the forend, take a lint free cloth and get any excess oil out of the grooves, you don't want it to build up and fill the grooves

While the oil was curing I took the receiver apart, surprisingly all the screws came right out. I am pretty sure this gun has not been apart since it left New Haven in 1925

The amount of parts and pieces in this is incredible, probably 2-3 times as many as a new Winchester 1300

I started with a couple of easy parts, the hammer and trigger had only minor pitting

Then I started on the trigger guard, it has some pretty deep pits

Progress was slow

Almost there, this is a 220 grit finish

These are machine marks from when the gun was made, they will not be seen, so they will be left

I installed the trigger guard into the receiver to finish sanding

There were deep lines or scratches in the receiver, I think they must be from the manufacturing process, had to believe you could not see them very well before I removed the bluing

100 grit finish

220 grit finish

320 grit finish

400 grit finish

I sanded the metal to a 600 grit, then gave it a quick polish on the buffer to even out the scratches

same with the trigger guard

Then I cleaned up the shell carrier

Then some of the small parts

The I sanded and polished the bolt

A few small pits

polished and ready for bluing

Stay tuned for part 4