Saturday, March 28, 2020

10/22 Project Updates 2020

We'll finish this month of 10/22 posts with an update on all the 10/22 projects I have completed, the ones that are underway and the ones planned for the future.

The 10/22 Continental Project

Posted earlier this month, we took a  new production Ruger walnut International stock, a Pike Arms Aluminum trigger housing and trigger, a Kingston Armory steel receiver and factory barrel both with a high polish blued finish. See the last post on this build here.

The Finger Groove Sporter Project

A vintage factory walnut Finger Groove Sporter stock, A Pike Arms aluminum trigger housing, some vintage trigger parts, a factory take off barrel and a Kingston Armory steel receiver both with a high polished blued finish. The final page of the project here

I have since found an early Southport marked barrel with original sights, original aluminum trigger housing, vintage bolt assembly and an older BX1 magazine (with black follower).  

The 10/22 Finger Groove Sporter Tribute Project

I am taking an ugly, painted and modified stock and transformed it into a beautiful tribute to the original. 

I added grooves to the forend, some similar sling swivels, a grip cap and some refinement to the stock. This one is still under construction, so look for a post on this one in the near future.
A picture of the progress

Pink 10/22 aka The Girly Rifle Project

It started out as a standard stainless 10/22 with the factory pink laminated carbine stock. I added stainless scope mounts, a pink camo covered scope. Mods include a polished and jeweled bolt, an aluminum knurled charging handle and some custom tinted magazines.

My daughter is full grown, but not a big person, so I wanted to build a stock to fit her better. Here was the first attempt, see the final post of the build here

She did not care for the color of the stock, so I sold the stock and planned to start over. Here is the new stock I will be starting with. 

Someone already shortened it and painted it pink. I will open up the butt stock and fore end, then sand the stock bare and stain it pink.

Ava The 10/22 Target Rifle Project

A factory beech wood stock modified with some poplar wood and body filler, polished aluminum receiver, trigger housing and stainless barrel, see the final build post here

The 10/22 Spencer Rifle Tribute

A factory stock modified to a straight grip, tapered forend and brass accoutrements, see the final build post here

I made a custom sling from an old leather belt

I blued the bolt and made a custom brass charging handle

Next step might involve a color case hardened steel receiver or possibly a brass receiver.

The 10/22 Hoplophobe Project

A factory beech wood stock, modified to add a pistol grip, some tacticool accessories and you have every hoplophobes nightmare, more details here

The 10/22 LTR Project

Another hoplophobes nightmare, nearly every evil feature they hate. See the final post of the build here

The WAGuns Giveaway Rifle

A 50th Anniversary factory receiver, new take off barrel and a vintage factory walnut stock, see the final build post here

The 10/22 Deluxe Sporter Rifle

I acquired this walnut Deluxe Sporter stock, I thought it would be a perfect home for the barreled action from my Sporter Finger Groove rifle.

 Future Projects:

The Post Apocalypse 10/22 Project

I was gifted parts from different friends of the blog, including a very beat up stock. I will put them together in an ugly, post apocalyptic fashion

The Ruger SR-22 Project
A lucky gun show find, becomes another project

The 10/22 Sniper Project
I found an ER Shaw 16" bull barrel at a gun show for cheap, then began compiling parts for another build. A big scope, thumbhole target stock, bi-pod and another project is born

The Lightweight 10/22

An 80% bare aluminum receiver, a cut down factory barrel and a factory camo synthetic stock come together in an attempt to make a very light 10/22

The 10/22 Pirate Pistol Project
Something similar to this:

The 10/22 Plains Rifle Project
I acquired a brass crescent butt plate and a brass fore end nose piece. I will fit the brass parts, convert the pistol grip to a straight grip (like the one below), then give it a genuine iron acetate finish.

The 10/22 Zombie Hunter Rifle

Using an old, beat-up factory hardwood stock as the canvas we will experiment with some wood carving, bio-hazard and some Zombie words, then fill in the voids with glow in the dark epoxy. 

The 10/22 Classic

I have several factory walnut stocks, I will pick the best one, give it a hand rubbed, sanded in oil finish, use original aluminum barrel band, butt plate and trigger housing. Some original factory sling swivels, a reproduction takedown screw and a new receiver and vintage barrel