Friday, March 20, 2020

Even more 10/22 Home Built/Modified Stocks 2020

They just don't are some more home built/customized 10/22 stocks.

Here is a unique Safari pattern stock, complete with a leopard carving in the butt stock

This one comes from the rimfirecentral forum, the owner took a factory walnut stock, added a rubber recoil pad, thinned down the forearm, added a forearm tip of rosewood and then added 20 lines per inch checkering on the forend and grip. See more here

Another one from rimfirecentral, this one started as a Boyd's blank, the owner added "mystery wood" fore and aft and a custom butt plate.

This one comes from a blog called GunCraft, he did some nice work to his 10/22 including adding an ebony grip cap and forend tip, he has the same problem I used to suffer from.....the inability to take a good picture.


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