Monday, March 16, 2020

Ruger 10/22 Bolt Refinishing Options

Earlier this month we covered different ways to refinish your 10/22 receiver, this time we will look at the bolt.

The bolt on a 10/22 is made of hardened steel which leaves you with plenty of options.

You could simply polish the bolt to a mirror shine or blast it with soda, glass or sand to give it a rough finish

After polishing, you could jewel the bolt, see how I did it here

The folks at Custom Jewel Shop can jewel your bolt and then color it in Kelly Green, Electric Blue, Crimson, Gold & Caramel

Another option is to have the bolt blued, in either matte 

 or polished 

Another coating option is Cerakote, this bolt has been coated in Micro Slick, which is s dry film coating that adds lubricity while protecting the finish from corrosion. Work performed by Black Hammer Arms

You could blue or cerakote the bolt, then tape off areas and bead blast or polish the metal in between

Here is one that has been color case hardened, looks pretty cool, work by Trivette's Gunsmithing

If you have access to a mill or a friendly machinist, you could have grooves cut into the bolt for a custom look

You could also have it custom laser engraved, this one is from JWH Custom, but you could literally put anything on the bolt

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