Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Ruger 10/22 Continental Project Part 1

Sorry, could not help myself, I am a big fan of Christopher Walken's SNL work and when I thought of the name "Continental" this is the image that popped into my head.....

I had wanted a Ruger 10/22 International for quite awhile. Ruger had started building them again both as special editions for distributors and as an on again/off again catalog item.

Some of them had laminate or birch stocks, but only the walnut would work for me.

If you are not aware, the "International" model is a standard 10/22 with an 18.5" barrel and a Mannlicher style stock. I posted the story of this model last week.

The definition of "Continental" is: "being from or characteristic of mainland Europe." Because the design of the stock is European, I decided to name it the Continental Project.

After finishing my Finger Groove Sporter project, I decided to order a walnut International stock from S&P Outfitters.

This stock only differs from the original International model in two areas. The rear sling swivel is different and the butt pad is red rubber rather than molded plastic. The former I find inconsequential, the later I find to be an improvement.

I plan on using one of the Kingston Armory steel receivers I bought a while back.

I also ordered another Pike Arms anodized aluminum trigger housing

I have one last new take off barrel

First step is assembling the trigger parts, they are a mix of vintage and modern parts. Aluminum trigger and mag release, vintage hammer, the bolt release has the auto-release mod performed

I polished the mating surfaces on the hammer and sear to a mirror shine.

And assembled, ready to rock

Next I put together the bolt, the bolt is used, but the parts are 100% new, including a new stainless firing pin stop

I deburred and polished the extractor and edges of the firing pin

Cleaned, polished, lubed and ready to be installed

Stay tuned for Part 2

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