Friday, May 29, 2020

Gun Porn for May 2020

Time for some ol' fashioned gun porn.....

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Monday, May 25, 2020

The Winchester 77 Project Part 4

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The parts have been reblued and soaked in oil for a couple of days, time to start putting this rifle back together

Because I was unable to source a replacement I will have to use some "backyard engineering" to fix the loose safety lever.  

I don't have access to a tig welder so I will use JB KwikWeld to tighten it up the joint.

I applied it with a toothpick

While I was waiting for the JB Weld to cure I started the assembly on the action. I had to remove the barrel, turns out the barrel goes on last. 

I drifted in the sights 

Then with the help of my NRA Firearms Assembly 3 I got the action back together and working.

Then re-installed the barrel

Getting the stock ready:

I installed the vintage sling swivels that I reblued, using some carnuba wax as lubricant.

Then I cleaned up the trigger guard. I used an old tooth brush and some Armor All, I don't like to use Hoppe's #9 or other bore solvents as they can destroy some types of plastic.

I also installed the mag catch and spring and checked the fit of the magazine.

Final touches

Time to clean up the old leather sling. I bought it at a gun show for $1, I am always on the lookout for deals like these

The brass had oxidized creating the familiar green stuff know as "verdigris". If you didn't know that .....ya learned something new today!
I cleaned the brass (brass plated) parts with Braso

I keep an assortment of brass "Chicago bolts" on hand, and I needed a shorter set as the old ones would not tighten up.

Then I installed the rings and the scope


the plugged holes are much less noticeable now

Before and After Comparison shots

Costs for the project:

Gun purchase: $50.00
Reproduction butt plate: $13.75
Vintage Sling Swivels: $2
Vintage Sling: $1
2-7 x 32mm Scope: $33.08
Vintage Scope Rings: $1 

-$5.00 (sold the old butt plate)
Total: $95.83

not too bad, I have seen the original magazines selling for more than that......

On to the next project!