Sunday, October 30, 2022

Halloween 2022

Halloween is upon us, another year has come and gone and we are still fighting for what is right and just.

Don't give up the fight patriots, we will win this.

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The picture below is representative of what Biden, the Democrats and the Global Communist Cabal are trying to do to this country

Not a lot of Halloween themed guns this year, Savage Customs prepped the one below

Werewolf Defense Ammo, has silver bullets available

How about the Munster's theme played with a trumpet and a Glock?

Some gun themed Halloween costumes

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Zombie Guns #8

Another October and another round of Zombie Guns, if any of these are duplicates from previous years, I apologize.

Also if you created any of these and wish to be credited, please let me know.

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Best Pro-Gun T-Shirts

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are looking for a gift for the gun nut in your family, you could do worse than getting them a pro-gun t-shirt.

Here is my list for the Top Ten coolest pro-gun t-shirts, these are in no particular order...

Magpul Banana Clips....I don't know why but this shirt makes me laugh everytime I see it. Magpul no longer offers them, I would guess the folks at Chaquita had something to do with that. They do have plenty of other shirts to choose from though, see them here

I am the Militia. This one is from Colion Noir, our second favorite NRA spokesperson (sorry man, Dana Loesch has got you beat....), either way I love this guy's spirit.... See his website here

Mickey Mouse....from the folks at Sacrifice Manufacturing.....this is among a few dozen shirts styles they offer (including one with Minnie Mouse), see the selection here

This next one is from TeeSpring, the message is one that people should think about....see their collection here

Here is one from Grunt Style and sums up something I have believed for a long time....the most powerful weapon you have is between your ears...see Grunt Style's impressively large selection here

If you are a piece of shit Communist, then you wont like this next one, but that is too bad, because the only good Communist is a dead Communist. 
The shirt also harkens back to a time when we let our children play with toy guns and school shootings were unheard of. The shirt is from Society 6, see their website here

GE Minigun....we bring good things to life...I cannot find who was selling this shirt, but it is awesome!

This next one is another favorite of mine.....I actually come from one of America's oldest families...I really am the descendant of men who would not be ruled.....see them here

Libertarian Country is responsible for this next shirt, I don't think they were the first to use the phrase, but it sure does seem like a good talking point.....Get them here

Give me Liberty or Give me Death....a lot of shirt have this slogan or a derivative of it, but I like this one from Kickin' Brass the best

Another favorite of mine.....because fuck your feelings....see them here

Wholesale Distributor is offering these shirts....I like it!

1776 United sells this next one, see them here

The New Patriot Clothing Company can set you up with thie next shirt, see them here

Super Graphic Tees sells this version of the "Celebrate Diversity" campaign.....I love it when we can use the left's stupid mottos 

Here is another AR-15 Shirt.....When the Government says you don't need an AR-15...YOU NEED AN AR-15! get them here

Dr. Merica's Downrange Sleep Aid....ya gotta love this one....Amazon has them for sale

NEVER GIVE UP THE GUNS.....a slogan to live by, this one is from Thompson Target

A scene from the popular sitcomtoon American Dad....I keep a pillow under my gun....get them from Unique Biker Apparel

The III (3) Percent.....we are everywhere....we really are. 
This shirt is available on Etsy, see it here

A few honorable mentions.....

Warrior 12 is offering this shirt which combines Molon Labe and the Gadsden flag

This one has a great message, get them from ASMDSS

and one from the Pipe Hitter's Union.....this explains my love for my fellow sheepdogs out there....


and one for the's from King Love Tee, see their website here