Thursday, October 29, 2020

Halloween 2020

 Halloween is loved by Americans (and many others) because it offers an escape from reality.....something we could really use right we have people in our country calling for the deaths of law enforcement officers and politicians because they disagree on how the country should be run.

While ignoring the problem will not make it go away, forgetting about it for a little while can be healthful.

Don't let them take Halloween away, enjoy it in spite of them.

Our first entry is this Henry Mare's Leg

Our second entry is also a lever gun, this one a Marlin model 1895 GS, customized to the folks at Verex in Austria

The Glock below is from the folks at Shark Coast Tactical

Black Sheep Arms created the "Blood Bath" Glock below

Dark Alliance Firearms in Las Vegas created these next two

This one is from Seward Defense

The Grim Reaper from Gary Reeder

Tom's Custom Gun Coatings produced this M&P pistol

The Dio De Los Muertos theme is growing on me....

The folks at Odin's Workshop have been busy with theme guns including the one below

and another one from Shark Coast Tactical

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