Monday, October 26, 2020

Zombie Guns #6

It's that time of year again.......

We'll start this year's post with the .50 Cal "Zombie Mist Maker"

Another one from the laboratory of Mad Custom Coatings

Koted Arms in Mesa AZ is responsible for the Zombie Jack below

The Zombie AK below was created by the folks at Rocky Mountain Tactical Coatings

Precision Grips in Houston crafted the Glock below

This wicked shotgun was created by the craftsmen at Blackout Custom Cerakote

And a few from the "not all Zombie guns have to be green" file...

I can imagine the amount of work the folks at DeadEye Customs put into this 10/22 rifle....

We'll finish this post off with a couple of incredibly detailed Glock frames from the folks at Odin's Workshop

The pictures posted above were found on the World Wide Web, they are being used for entertainment purposes under the Fair Use Doctrine of Section 107 Title 17 of the U.S. Code.
Where possible the source have been credited, if you own the rights to any of the above photos and would like them removed or credited, please contact me immediately.

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