Thursday, October 22, 2020

10/22 Zombie Hunter part 3

Happy Ruger Day everyone! 10/22 is the perfect day to wrap up our Zombie Hunter 10/22 project...

If you missed the first two posts click on the links below

Part 2

Time to add some accessories, in lieu of a barrel band, I am installing this factory LaserMax band

What Zombie rifle would be complete with out a bayonet?? I found this one from Firefield, it mounts to a standard picatinny rail.

I am also adding the red dot sight from the LTR project

And one of these Eagle vented handguard covers

I also have these Ruger BX25 magazines jungle clamped via a Christies clamp set.

The bolts for the universal picatinny rail were a bit too long, so I ordered up some M4 x 10mm bolts


I was able to angle the bayonet and mount enough so there was a gap for the laser to shine through

The textured paint did a good job of hiding the scuff marks on the plastic butt plate. In a future project I will attempt to restore the finish on one of these.

I had to finish this post with a couple of shots taken indoors, showing how the glow in the dark paint works

On to the next project!


  1. Hello Tincan. I’ve visited your blog and very impressed with all your work. I noticed a 1100 restoration you did back in 2016 and would like my done as well. Please email me @ n-Lopez-80@hotmail