Thursday, March 26, 2020

10/22 upgrades for 2020

If you are looking for a complete, custom, ready-to-go rifle. Volquartsen has you covered with these two patriotic themed 10/22 rifles. The top one is the Summit, the bottom the Superlite

Altamont makes many of the stocks for the special edition 10/22 models. They also sell some pretty nice stocks to the public, below is a sampling:

The Viceroy


The Paladin

The Barracuda

Entirely Crimson is now offering Titanium triggers for the 10/22. The triggers slightly increase the length of pull, see them here

Midwest Industries is now offering M-Lock handguards for the 10/22 Take-Down model, they come in 8" and 13" models

XS sights offers a Ghost Ring sight set for the 10/22, Midway USA has them here

Real Avid makes a Field Guide for your 10/22, you can also buy it as a digital download 

see it here

Copper Custom sells this adapter for your 10/22 Charger pistol, that allows you to install an arm brace, S&P Outfitters has them

Texas Shooter Supply sells these knurled extension knobs for your charging handle

This year at the SHOT Show Franklin Armory introduced their BFSIII Binary Trigger for the 10/22, see more info here

I found this unique site on a gun auction site, seems home made, but also well put together.

KIDD makes these lightweight specialty fluted barrels in black or silver, they also have them in stainless, see them here

Outer Impact sells these adapters to install red dot sights on your 10/22, see them here

Here is yet another option for an extended magazine release, this one is 3D printed and seems to tuck up nicely under the trigger guard. For $15.00 you too can have one, they will also sell you the program if you own a 3D printer. See them here.

LaRue Tactical offers this combo deal of a scope rail and butt stock check riser.
The scope rail is true mil-spec 1913, is 6" long and has some over-travel so scopes with long eye relief can be used. The scope rings that come with it are for 30mm scopes but have the 1" adapters. The rings have a quick detatch feature that maintains zero.
The cheek pad is velcro adjustable, made from water resistant non skid surface and has a 3/8 closed cell foam padding.

Magnum Research makes a 10/22 copy called the "Magnum Lite", well they also sell the lightweight aluminum barrels that will fit your 10/22. See them here

Little Crow Gun Works offers this barrel V-Block with built in recoil lug. It requires some modification to the stock and then a bedding job. See more info at their website

This ebay seller is offering a peep sight adapter for your factory rear sight, see their ebay site here

Just last month Volquartsen posted a picture of a limited run of gold Competition 10/22 bolts on their Instagram page.

NC Star has a new muzzle break for your 10/22, see it here

This item can be filed under a solution looking for a problem. From Spectre Ballistics Inc, comes this magazine adapter that allows the use of "unlimited capacity" (not sure what that means) Remington 597 Magazines. Anyway, you can see more info here.

Tandem Kross has teamed up with Brimstone Gunsmithing to deign the Ultimate 10/22 Trigger. It is designed as a drop in system, that removes the take-up and has adjustments for over-travel, see them here

A guy who's Instagram name is "homegunsmithunger" has been experimenting with new 10/22 receiver designs. Here is one that he built on a 3D printer. He is hoping to start marketing a new design that allows you to remove the top of the receiver for maintenance without complete tear down

Azimith Technology has a replacement bolt with some interesting upgrades. They are machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel and feature a low friction coating, a unique Titanium firing pin and an oil hole, see their website for more info.

McMillan offers their A5 Stock for the 10/22 that comes with a host of options, you can custom design it to fit your specific needs, see more here 


  1. The problem the Spectre Ballistics adapter is solving relates to laws in Canada. Since the 10/22 magazine can fit in a pistol any 10/22 magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds is prohibited. Since the 597 magazines cannot fit in a pistol they can have any capacity.

  2. March 27 guy is right on the money. Cabela's in Barrie was selling them for about $25-30. Stupid laws require smart solutions.