Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Another 10/22 Cheap Trick

I found this cheap trick on Calguns. The gun owner used a 1/8 IPS brass lamp coupler and a spent .38 Special case to make a custom cover for this charging handle.

So I found one of the couplers on ebay for $1.25

Then I found this brass medallion that had a diameter of .375", it was originally designed for the Ruger No.1 or model 77 rifles (to fit in the grip cap). I bought one for $8.99

I had to file the inside of the lamp couple for the medallion to fit

Once the fit was snug, I tapped it in with a nylon hammer

Then I filed the top and bottom of a factory charging handle, until the coupler fit on snugly.

Then I mixed up some JB weld and glued everything together.

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