Friday, March 8, 2019

10/22 upgrades for 2019

Just as in previous years I have been on the look out for new or interesting modifications or parts for the 10/22, behold: 

Volquartsen has these beautiful stocks made from Wenig Bastogne Walnut. They come finished, fit and checkered.

See them here

The Second edition of Customize the Ruger 10/22 by James and Kathleen House is available at Amazon and other book retailers

Peak Case Company offers this versatile case for your take down 10/22. It even has a spot for a pistol

They also have one for the Charger, it has two levels with lots of storage

This ebay seller has a cap to go onto the cut down portion of your forend, eliminating the barrel band, see it here

Modular Driven Technologies built a few prototype chassis systems for the 10/22 then suspended manufacturing. They claimed there was too much variance in the factory parts. Here is a review done by Gear Report in October of 2017

So-Cal has these protectors that shield the mating surfaces of your take-down 10/22

Urban Rifle Supply in Idaho sells these modified Ruger BX1 Magazines to use .22 Shorts, Longs, CB Caps and Super Colibri

A member of my local forum did a review on these, see it here

Volquartsen also has a kit for shooting .22 shorts in your 10/22, Midway USA has them 

Some Canadians created these magazine covers, they call it the "MACOV" system (standing for MAgazine COVer) system. It increases the size of your Butler Creek, Black Dog or Pro-Mag high capacity magazines so they can use Magpuls and STANAG magazine holders. I found them on ebay here

The folks at U.S. Gun Inletting and Stocks have a variety of high end walnut stocks for your 10/22. Prices range from $195 for a semi-finished stock to $850 for a fitted and finished stock.
Below are some examples, visit their website here

This ebay seller is offering an adapter for the bottom of your BX1 magazines to make inserting and removal easier, they come in 12 colors

About the only aftermarket part I had not yet seen for a 10/22 is the safety, not any more....Atomic Arms now has these billet aluminum safeties in 7 colors, see them here

Using his experience and knowledge Bob Newton from 10/ has written a book on the 10/22 with tips and tricks. The 70 page book is available here for $16.99 hard copy or $8.99 digital download.

Yet another bolt buffer....I actually sell these, they are crafted from 100% American Made products. The tubing is called "Tygothane" it has excellent abrasion and tear resistance. The material is impervious to oils and solvents (they are used as fuel line and in the food & chemical industries). The metal rod is Mil Spec 416 Stainless Steel with a sheer strength of 1800 lbs. They are slightly oversized and will never fall out of the tubing. See them here

I also have oversized trigger assembly pins, if your pins are loose, these will tighten everything back up. They are made from precision ground alloy steel. The ends are tapered for easy installation. Buy them here.

If you lose your factory roll pin (firing pin stop) or it is too beat up to reuse, I sell stainless steel replacements, see them here

Victor Company offers these Titan Precision Rimfire Stocks for 10/22 rifles, the stock is made from a highly rigid fiberglass composite and has aircraft aluminum bedding built in. See more here

The Wilderness is selling these magazine carriers that mount on a belt or a sling, see them here

Boyd's Gun Stocks has a new adjustable hybrid stock called the "At-one" for the 10/22, see it here

Straps have been used on the forearms of shotguns for years, B-Tak is now marketing them for rifles, including 10/22s, see their ebay store here

I'm not sure where these fall into legally, now that many places have banned "bump-fire stocks", but the BMF Trigger Activator is still available from Tactical Innovations

This ebay seller has these aluminum barrel bands with built in pockets for QD attachment, they have them in anodized black, red or silver. See their ebay store here

I believe the same people are selling these M-Lock barrel bands

Another option for laminated thumbhole stocks comes from Cousineau Wood Products, they come in a bunch of different colors, see them here

Here is an upgrade that is no longer available (unless you find a used or NOS one). It is the "Ultimate Trigger Actuator", invented and patented by one Patrick Teel of Firearms System & Design. 

Another company selling replacement stocks is the Cottage Craft Works, their walnut stocks sell for $164 and come semi-inletted and unfinished (the stock pictured has been wetted with mineral spirits for the photo)

Archangel by Promag has a new stock for the 10/22, it folds in half for storage and transport and has storage in the butt stock, see it here

Here is a unique bipod system for Ruger 10/22s. They use a custom barrel band as the mounting platform. Several options are available, see more here

If you are looking for a different extended magazine release Power Custom has these rugged ones made from titanium, Midway USA can supply them for you

Here is a unique stock system from Crazy Ivan LLC, this system consists of a butt stock/lower receiver, an upper receiver and a forend. They use AR butt stocks and grips and come in anodized black or in the white if you plan a custom Cerakote job. See them here

We'll finish with a couple of home made upgrades, this is a custom aluminum charging handle, see the maker's Instagram page for more details

This guy used a 3D printer to make a barrel band and angled fore grip for a 10/22. See the rest of the story here

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