Thursday, March 14, 2019

10/22 Replacement Receivers

You can now (and have for a while) build a complete 10/22 rifle without using any Ruger made parts. If you are considering a custom build, you may want to start with an aftermarket receiver made from high quality materials.

I have complied a list of all the manufacturers of replacement 10/22 receivers. If I forgot one, be sure to leave a comment below.

We'll start with this one:

An Austrian by the name of Sebastian, has created a receiver with a removable top plate, allowing cleaning of the barrel and bolt without complete disassembly.

Here is a video where he explains the design

And his Facebook page

And the TFB story

He also designed one with an improved barrel interface, see his Instagram page here

Gateway Precision Arms

This is the MOA stainless steel receiver from Gateway Precision Arms (see their website here

The receivers are CNC machined from 17-4 stainless steel castings. They come with a rear anchor and have the barrel port threaded for 3/4-16 threads, but also allow the use of a factory barrel  (the hole is reamed to .6875"). They use standard 10/22 scope mounts and have a cleaning hole drilled in the rear of the receiver. They come with a matte, blasted finish.


A name familiar to any 10/22 enthusiast is Volquartsen, they have been making 10/22 parts for years. This is their Stainless Steel replacement receiver. It comes with a picatnney rail and V-block. They also offer a blackened stainless model and an alloy one. Prices range from $325 to $370, see them here


Tony Kidd has made a name for himself by selling innovative 10/22 parts and very reasonable prices. His replacement receivers can be had in the "slip fit" (standard 10/22 barrel) or "Supergrade".

They also come with a picatinney rail and an optional rear anchor

The receivers are made from aluminum alloy and come anodized in black or silver. Prices range from $172 to $428, see them here

Tactical Innovations

Tactical Innovation has you covered if you want options. They make a billet aluminum standard replacement receiver that comes with the picatinney rail, cleaning rod hole and color options of blue, red, green purple, gold, black and silver.

They also make one with a non-reciprocating rear charging handle (like an AR rifle)

 They also make a version with a left side charging handle

As well as a stainless version.
 You can also buy an 80% finished receiver. Prices are very affordable and range from $99 (80%) to $285. See them here

F.J. Fedderson

F.J. Fedderson forges these unique receivers from a special alloy of Bronze and Nickel. They come with the natural bronze color and a built in picatinney rail.
They also offer them in a Nickel-Bronze alloy in the natural nickel color.

 and for the more budget conscience they make an aluminum alloy receiver.
Prices range from $175 to $275, you can find them here

Custom Shooting Technologies
Custom Shooting Technologies offers receivers CNC machined from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum billets. Their design allows for options on the picatinney/scope rails and come with both a rear access hole and a rear tang. 

They come in the Titan model or the CentriX-22. The CentriX-22 comes with integral picattinney rail and sells for $169.95. Color choices are silver or black. See them here

Tactical Solutions
Tactical Solutions offers a custom "turn-key" receivers that come with the picatinney rail, v-block and their heat treated custom bolt that uses a dual recoil spring design. The billet receivers come in red, blue, matte green, matte black, silver and quicksand.

The price is a little steep at $495, but you are getting more than just a receiver. See them here


No Dak Spud, long known for their AK receivers now sells a 10/22 receiver manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. They come in hard coat anodized black or plain silver. They use standard 10/22 scope mounts and all 10/22 accessories.

At the time of this writing they were available for $165, the website now says "discontinued" see them here

Dlask Arms

Dlask Arms Corp turned it up a notch when the decided to make their 10/22 receivers from 7075-T6 aluminum. Said to be nearly 85% stronger than 6061-T6. They come in mil spec type 3 hard anodized black. 

They have several options including a flat top model and cerakote colors. The problem is that they are made in Canada and I don't know if they are available to American shooters. You can see them here

Power Custom Grand Master

Below is the Grandmaster Deluxe receiver from Grand Masters LLC (formerly known as Power Custom).

The Grandmaster Deluxe receivers are fully CNC machines from aerospace grade 6061T billet aluminum. The 20 MOA rapid attachment rail system is included. They also come equipped with a rear anchor and a cleaning port at the rear. They sell for $349, see them here

Brownells has gotten everyone beat, at least on price. Last year they announced they would be selling their own replacement receiver. Precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum, they include the V-block and screws. They come in three configurations, standard with the scope rail threaded holes (in the stock locations), with a cast in picatinney rail or in Take-Down style. They even drill a cleaning hole in the rear of the receiver and coat them with a type 2 Hard Coat anodizing for good looks and corrosion protection. The best parts? They are made in the USA and will cost you $79 for the standard model and $89 for the one with the cast in rail. See them here


Tactical Machining

Major Pandemic did a review of the TN-22 Receiver from Tactical Machining back in 2012, I have yet to see them listed on their website, despite a menu option for it. The review listed the price as $129.99 (2012 prices).

Select Fire

80% receivers are quite popular for those DIY'ers that don't want the hassle of paperwork when building a new rifle. The folks at Select Fire LLC, have some options for you. They make them from machined 6061-T6 aluminum and brass. The aluminum ones come in plain silver or anodized black. They also come with short or extended picatinney rail.

In addition to the standard 10/22 receiver they also offer a kit for building a .22 Magnum rifle. Of course they also sell the tools and jig needed to complete your build.
The prices range from $111.95 to 219.95, see them here

Atomic Arms

Atomic Arms also offers and 80% receiver, made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. I believe these are made by Tactical Innovations, see them here

Ben Edward's Design LLC

Ben Edward's Design has offered these 80% receivers for $100, at the time of this writing they were sold out with no mention if they would be making more. See them here

Kingston Armory produced these all steel receivers for their M1 Garand tribute rifles before going under.
Frontline Armory is now selling them, check Gunbroker for ads listing these. I recently purchased a couple and will be using it as a basis for a new 10/22 project.

The latest trend is 3D printing, and the 10/22 receiver was one of the first firearms made on the printer. The jury is still out as to whether or not they are going to hold up as good as aluminum.

We are also seeing 3D printed trigger housings

The Weapon's Man blog showed how a printed PLA receiver could be used to cast a receiver out of aluminum (similar to the lost wax process that Ruger uses). See the story here

This guy built one from pieces of aluminum bolted together, of course there was some machining involved, see his build here

Yet another option is making your receiver from metal tubing, this guy used some 1 1/4" square steel tubing, He built it much like an AK receiver, using a front and a rear trunions. He also included a rear anchor.

see the build here

Here are a couple more that were pieced together

Here is a home made one, machined from brass, see the project on rimfire central here

And another one, this one made from Stainless Steel, see the build here

Update: Azimuth Precision is about to announce details about their custom 10/22 receiver.
See their webpage here