Monday, March 11, 2019

2019 10/22 Project Updates

My list of 10/22 projects continues to grow, before getting on to the planned projects, we revisit the past ones.

Pink 10/22: 
a custom lightweight stock, stained with pink (fuschia) leather dye. See it here

I also painted up some magazines to match
and dyed a factory BX1 Magazine using RIT dye

We also added a red/pink changing handle. She didn't like the fuchsia color, so she went back to her factory stock

The Hoplophobe Project:
adding a scary pistol grip and barrel shroud to a factory beech wood stock, see the build here

The 10/22 Spencer Rifle Tribute:
A simple build that created a unique look, see the final post here

After finishing the rifle, I made a custom sling from an old leather belt, it was 1.5" wide and fit the sling swivels better. Then I blued the bolt for a more retro look.

I added a custom brass charging handle, see how I did it here

The 10/22 Target Rifle Project, aka Ava:
A custom thumbhole target stock crafted from a factory beech wood stock and some poplar from the hardware store. See the final post of the build here

The 10/22 L.T.R. Project:
using some aluminum, aftermarket grips and some pvc pipe I created the hoplophobes worst nightmare, see the final post here

The WaGuns giveaway rifle:
With some donated money and parts we build a one of a kind 10/22 that features a high polish finished barrel, a 50th anniversary receiver and a factory walnut stock. See it here

The 10/22 Hawken Rifle Project:

This one is still in the works, this is what inspired me:

I found a forend nose cap and crescent butt plate made from brass (from a T/C Hawken rifle). The stock will get these brass parts fitted as well as the grip converted to a straight grip

my progress so far

Future Projects:

Finger Groove Sporter Project

While at a garage sale back in May I found a special Ruger 10/22 stock.

This one is a factory finger groove Sporter walnut Stock. This option was available from 1966 to 1971.

Other than a couple of small dings, the stock is in really good condition.....well worth the $55 asking price. 

This will be the start of another project. I plan on finding an original 1970 vintage 10/22 to put in the stock

Finger Groove Sporter Tribute Project

I had put out the word that I was looking for 10/22 parts and a local forum member offered a box of parts, if I was willing to come fetch it.
In the box of parts was this factory walnut stock that someone had painted and then put on the belt sander to change its shape. I decided that I would build a Finger Groove Sporter Tribute. It won't look exactly like the original, but a reasonable facsimile. I already found some sling swivels that closely match the originals.

I will modify the stock by adding flutes to the front of the comb, redefining the grip area, adding a grip cap and of course using a router to put some finger grooves on the forend.

No Name Project

Just a custom stock, with a pillar and barrel bedding, custom butt stock using an thick piece of polished aluminum for the butt plate and a thinner piece for the nose cap and a custom painted finish. The stock will feature some sort of checkering or stipling on the wrist....a combination of the two I gotta decide red or blue?

The Continental 10/22

A tribute to the European rifles 

a walnut International stock

Barrel: a factory barrel that has been polished to a high shine and reblued
Trigger housing: a Pike Arms black anodized aluminum trigger housing

Bolt: a factory bolt, polished and jeweled

Receiver: a steel receiver with a color case hardened finish like this one from Turnbull 

Zombie 10/22

I saw this practice on youtube and decided I wanted to give it a go. It involves using high voltage electricity and some water (with baking soda added to it) to create these lightning like burns in the wood. It is called Lichtenberg Wood Burning.
I plan on adding some biohazard logos (hand engraved) and then filling the voids with photo-luminescent epoxy.

The Pirate Charger Pistol

I plan on taking a factory beech wood stock, cutting the butt stock off and adding some wood to the grip area

The Post-Apocalypse rifle/pistol

After posting a post-apocalyptic shotgun last year I have been thinking about building something like it, then I stumbled across this picture...

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