Monday, October 16, 2017

The Ruger 10/22 LTR Project part 7

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Here is where we left off, I trimmed the side plate and started sanding it, 

 I then epoxied the other side plate in place

The epoxy didn't hold, even after curing overnight, I could blame the brand of epoxy (1st time using), but I suppose it was the lack of prep work....

After the epoxy failed a second time, I used Elmer's Wood Glue and it held up better than this stuff

After cleaning up the edges

I marked and drilled the holes for the screws and cut a piece of aluminum for  the front

I then fitted the new end piece.

Now we begin filling any voids with body filler

sand, sand, and sand some more

When I thought it was close, I wiped it down with acetone

...and gave it a coat of primer. The primer will show all the defects, I will the big ones, the textured paint will hide the smaller ones.

I painted the barreled action with satin black spray paint. The rest of the gun will be paint a textured flat black

The satin black was too shiny, so after it dried/cured, I misted it with flat black

I also painted the stainless screws/bolts

I put one coat of black on and quickly realized there was some low spots that showed up. I used spot putty to get them flat

After several coats, I left it to cure for 48hrs

Then I cemented the fake bolts in place with JB Weld.

I ran into a little SNAFU when trying to tighten the set screws holding the butt stock in place. The threads were not tapped all the way through, which makes sense as this was designed to attach hand guards and you wouldn't want the threads hitting the barrel. Luckily I had the correct 8-32 tap on hand.

I had to decide on what to do for sights, originally I thought of going with iron sights, but since I cut the barrel, I would need to find a new front mount.
I ended up buying one of these holographic sights, it's an elcheapo chinese made unit, but I figured it was worth a shot for the $15 I paid for it.

After some touch up paint, the LTR project is complete

It isn't going to win any beauty contests, but I know Diane Fienstien wouldn't approve and for that I call it winner!

Here are the costs for this project:

10/22 with factory 18.5" barrel: $123.00 (cost after selling the folding stock that it came with)
Factory beech wood stock: $0
Aero Precision BAR barrel nut: $0
bolts, nutserts and set screws: $4.84
Aluminum tubing (butt stock): $2.60
Aluminum butt plate: $0
Aluminum sheet: $0
Flip flop recoil pad: $0 (from previous project)
Black textured paint: $5.68
length of PVC pipe: $0

Tapco grip screw and bushing: $9.80
Skeleton AK grip: $14.95
Grip Plate/Sling Mount: $5.99
3" Picatinney Rail: $4.74
Folding Forward Grip: $5.99
Red Dot holographic Sight: $15.09

Total cost: $192.68