Monday, March 6, 2017

The Ruger 10/22 LTR Project part 1

This is another 10/22 project, a continuation of the projects I announced back in March of last year, although this is not one of the ones I originally planned on making.

I chose the LTR moniker for this project to mimic Ruger's naming convention on their LCP & LCR handguns...LTR standing for Lightweight Tactical Rifle.  
Lightweight Compact Rifle may have been a better suited name, but the LCR acronym was already taken.

The inspiration for this build came from a guy who goes by the name parshooter on the Rimfire Central and forums.

Here is his gun:

The simple butt stock reminds me of the Sten

the silhouette reminds me of the original Ramline 10/22 stocks

Parshooter made his pistol grips, butt stock and recoil pad from Birch wood. His rifle is an SBR (Short Barrelled Rifle) which requires a tax stamp and approval from the Federal Government. I will not be going that route, I'll stick with a 16" barrel (maybe 16.5" just to be safe?), an aluminum barrel would be nice, but we'll have to see if we can find one at a decent price.

With this project we could easily build it from parts, several companies make aluminum chassis/stocks for the 10/22 and there are lots of options for butt stocks if using an AR pattern stock, but I wanted to build one myself, as a challenge.

While I like Parshooter's design, I think I can improve upon it a bit.

  • I'll adapt an AR or AK grip for the rear pistol grip
  • I'll install a picatinney rail and add a folding forward grip
  • I'll make the butt stock from aluminum tubing
  • I'll also make the butt pad from aluminum, but cover it with a flip flop for comfort 
  • Free float the barrel and anchor the rear of the receiver using a bolt going through the stock and rear trigger pin hole. 
  • Square off the stock and perhaps add some metal plates with bead rolls to the side of the stock to give it an "Uzi like" appearance?

the Uzi:
The Tec-22 had a similar treatment:

A couple of other designs that stirred my inspiration

As I began planning all this out, I had to find the materials.

I picked up this used, 1995 vintage 10/22 for a reasonable price. The barrel has some light rust and the receiver has some chips in the paint. 

After building the Target 10/22 project "Ava" I found it was cheaper to buy a complete 10/22 than to try and piece one together from used parts.

The rear grip I found is a universal AR/AK type from Ultimate Arms, I bought this one because I didn't want the grip to look like it came from an Kalashnikov or AR variant rifle and it was skeletonized which also makes it unique.

To attach the grip I am going to fuse the Tapco AK grip bushing and the sling mount plate, then secure them to the wood stock using a screw and epoxy resin

The forward grip is a light weight folding style, attached via a 20mm picatinney rail.

I will need to insert some anchors in the stock for the screws to mount the 3" picatinney rail (originally designed to work with a keymod style fore end.

I found the aluminum tubing on ebay, a 24" piece was just over $5. It has a 1" OD with 1/16" wall. It is 6063 T5 aluminum, which should be more than strong enough.

I also had some aluminum scraps that I could use for the butt plate. I will need to find someone to weld the two together or figure another way of joining them. I thought briefly about using the diamond plate....but that would be too cheesy.

There is still plenty of material left on the flip flops I got from Old Navy

The stock on the gun is pretty nice, I will use one from my collection of factory birch/beech wood stocks.

For the paint, I am going with a textured flat black from Rust-Oleum.

That is about the extent of my planning, this will be a "seat of the pants" kind of build as I will figure out how to make it work as I go along.

These are the things I must figure out
  • the length of the forend and the placement of the picatinney rail/vertical fore grip
  • How to attach the butt stock tube to the wood portion of the stock 
  • How to anchor the rear of the action so the barrel can be free floated and still be supported. 
  • How to make some metal side plates with bead rolls

Stay tuned....this is going to be a fun build