Sunday, March 18, 2018

The WaGuns 10/22 Rifle Pt3

If you missed parts one and two click on the links below

Part One
Part Two

The barrel, stock and bolt are ready time to start on the trigger assembly

We are starting with a standard, plastic trigger assembly

Just for reference here is the "exploded" diagram

The first step is of course disassembly, just push the pins out, make sure to hold the hammer and pull the trigger before removing the hammer pin and go slow so you don't loose anything

These are the two parts we are most concerned with, the hammer and the sear. 

The surface that rides on the sear when the hammer is being cocked, it is rough

After polishing, starting with 280 grit and working up to 600 grit before using the buffer, I also polished the ball end of the hammer strut

I also polished the face of the hammer where the bolt rides against it

Here is the trigger shim kit form Lance at Michigan Center Outdoors/, Lance was kind enough to donate one of his kits for this build.

The kit includes 8 shims, two for the sides of the hammer (the biggest ones), two for the dis-connector (the smallest ones), two for the sear and two for the trigger. The lines are there to help you line them up with the pins, so install them with the red lines facing out. 

A little Hoppes gun grease helps keep them in place

Trigger assembly together with the "slave" pin.

I didn't get any pictures of the assembly as all three of my hands were busy......I installed the Volquartzen auto bolt release and the Timber Ridge extended magazine release. I checked the trigger pull, it is smooth and breaks clean, but is still stiff at just over 5 lbs

On to the receiver

We wanted to engrave the received with the WaGuns logo

Trevor at Hyperion Precision offered to engrave the logo for free, we decided to put it on the right side, just behind the ejection port. Everything you see in black above will be engraved into the aluminum, the white W and 1/2 of the a will be left as high spots

He did an excellent job!

Here is the rifle finished and ready to be raffled off

and here the rifle is in the hands of the new owner

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