Sunday, March 25, 2018

Interesting Firearm Photos XVIII

The Iwo Jima Press Club, obviously during the waning days of WWII

These bags were a promotional piece at a bookstore in Belgium, given out to promote Belgium’s most famous crime writer

Killin' Commies somewhere in Vietnam

The Pistolet Mitrailleur des Manufactures d’Armes de Ch√Ętellerault Modele 47/1 was one of a number of compact French submachine gun designs developed by various arsenals and private companies during the late 1940s.

Hand made 12 gauge revolver, confiscated somewhere in South America

A member of The U.S. Army Special Forces plays pool with Afghans during Operation Enduring Freedom. Note the MP5A3 worn in a sling, carried for personal protection.


Ruger hand tools, many do not know it, but this is where Ruger started, note the grip frame of the hand drill, same as the Ruger Standard (and Mark I, II, III) pistols.

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