Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tools for working on your 10/22

One of the most basic tools for the gunsmithing bench is a punch set, they are handy for removing the pins on a 10/22. This set from Grace is made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty. see more here

In order to even clean a 10/22 you will need a large hollow ground screw driver (on older models), I can highly recommend this set from Forester Products (see them here). I have owned this set for more than 25 years

They even provide a guide for what the drivers fit, you will need the #5 is what you will need for the 10/22 take-down screw, the barrel band screw and the butt plate screws

On the newer 10/22s you will need a 5/32 Allen wrench for the take-down screw. This 5/32 wrench will also fit the V-Block screws holding the barrel in place. 
You could go big and get these top shelf ones made from titanium (available from Quality Safety Tools), but if those are outside your budget, just get a good brand that is made in the USA.

It may may more sense to get a set of wrenches as you will need a 9/64" Allen wrench for the BX1 Magazine screw and the newer 10/22 barrel bands also use a 9/64' hex key

Perhaps it makes more sense to get this 89 piece deluxe set from Wheeler Engineering, while not as high of quality as some of the tools above, but you get a lot for your money, including some specialty bits. If it doesn't have the exact bit you need, you could buy them from another supplier to supplement the kit, they take the standard size bits.
Sportsman's Guide has these, as well as the smaller 72 bit set, the 43 bit set and the 26 bit set

The Accutec Barrel Pusher can take all the work out of removing a stubborn barrel, Brownells has them in stock

Tandem Kross makes  this kit for reassembling your BX1 magazines, they are reasonable at just $14.99, get them direct from Tandem Kross here

Borel Sport also make a kit for disassembly and reassembly, see their's here

Gunsmither tools has a few items for helping you with your 10/22 and Charger. Their "10/22 Bolt Bar" really does work, I use mine all the time and for $12.95 it is silly not to own one.

See them here 

 Real Avid makes this handy pocket tool for working on your 10/22 in the field or at the range. See more here

This might seem like a simple one, but often those are the best tools to have. When assembling the trigger on 10/22, these "slave" pins are really handy, they keep the trigger, sear and dis-connector in place so you can get the trigger pivot pin started. They come with many spring kits like the one from Tony Kidd below

Here I am employing said pin on my 10/22 Target Rifle Project. It is the pin on the left, once in place the full length pin sitting on the towel above it) goes in and pushes the "slave" pin out the other side.

Have you ever wished you could clean your 10/22 without having to disassemble the rifle? This Brush 'n Mop chamber cleaning tool might help accomplish that, visit the website here

Of course you need to clean the barrel too, so get yourself a Boresnake from Hoppes, Brownells has them in all the popular sizes

While it might be rare for someone to remove their safety, but if you ever need to this tool from Gunsmither will make it easier and possibly prevent the spring and follower from doing a ping pong ball impression, see more here

You could also build your own using a round shaft pencil like the one I built below:

If you plan on improving your trigger pull on your own, you might want to get a trigger pull gauge. This is one of the more moderately priced ones from Wheeler Engineering, Midway USA has them for $21.99

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