Wednesday, March 14, 2018

10/22 Upgrades for 2018

More cool stuff to upgrade your 10/22.....

In 2017 Ruger began offering a replacement barrel for the take-down model with an integral suppressor, called the Silent-SR, see it here

Custom Shooting Technologies offers the only Last Shot Hold Open kit for 10/22 rifles. The kit consists of a Power Custom Match Grade bolt and a special bolt release, see them here

If you are using a silencer/suppressor on your 10/22 and would like to take it to the next level of quiet, try one of these bolt locks. Read more here

A simpler method might be to use a block off plate like this one I found being sold on ebay

The folks at Ruger 10/22 Takedown Wood Stocks build some really nice stocks for 10/22. The one below is in tiger curly maple. There is a link at their website to inquire about ordering a stock set.

If you want a larger safety Midway USA sells these ambidextrous ones from Power Custom, they come in blued and stainless

The folks at Volquartzen also make a reversible safety   for right and left handed shooters:


On Tactical has 2 styles of bolt handles in 6 colors and 2 sizes, according to my math that makes 24 different choices..

The Allen Company is making these butt stock pouches for the 10/22. They will hold up to (4) BX1 magazines and a box of ammo. Get them at

JWH Custom now has the option of a Titanium Nitride coating on their bolts, plain or engraved...

Little Crow Gun Works sells this V-block with an integral recoil lug, they cost $39.95, see them here

If you run a suppressor and want to quiet the noise from the bolt smacking the barrel, you can drill a couple of holes in the bolt face and insert some nylon.

Watch this video to see how it is done:

Here is a simple 1.25" wide nylon sling for your 10/22 that comes embroidered with the Ruger logo and sling swivels and mounts. Walmart has them for $25

A 10/22 stock, in bull pup configuration, made to look like a Steyr AUG.

Here is a DIY extended bolt handle idea

Gungner is offering a 10/22 chassis that allows the use of AR components, the main body is molded from fiberglass reinforced nylon. See them here 

Promag has a tactical, aluminum barrel band for the 10/22 that comes with a sling attachment loop and two picatinney rails, get them at Midway USA
Here is a similar one I found on ebay

MBW stocks is now offering AK style under-folding wood stocks for the 10/22, see their website here

Another choice in magazines, the MGW 50 round magazine, smaller and less obtrusive that drum magazines, see them here

If you would like to trade out your factory brass take-down screw escutcheon for something different, Raven Eye Custom sells new ones in Titanium, Stainless and Blued Steel

Tony Kidd has an upgraded stainless steel mag latch plunger, it comes with an option for a stiffer spring if needed, see them here

Hogue now offers a tactical thumb-hole stock for the 10/22, over molded with their famous rubber material. It comes in 4 colors: Black, Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth and Ghillie Green. Midway USA has them for around $100

Here is another cool magazine release (don't ya just love capitalism??). This one is from TandemKross, it is called the Fireswitch. After installation you can drop the magazine by pushing forward or backward on the extended lever

Another unique offering from TandemKross, a dual mag body. They supply the empty mag body and you supply the guts from two BX1 mags, they come in black and clear, It is called the "DoubleKross" see them here

If you are looking for something different, the Whistle Pig Barrel Company offers these octagon barrels. This would look really nice on my Spencer 10/22, I may have to get one of these....see them here

Accurate Rifle Systems has a new 10/22 chassis made from aluminum, get more details by clicking  here

Skinner Sights has new sight inserts for your 10/22, they come as a matched sets in blued steel, brass and stainless

If you like old school leather slings, has you covered. Their R22-WAL Cobra Rifle sling is made from premium vegetable tanned leather it features the Ruger name/logo on one side and suede lining on the other. It is made by Levy Leathers and is available at

You may need a set of sling swivel mounts to install your sling, This kit from Uncle Mikes has everything you need including two options for the front sling. You can use the adapter that goes between the barrel clamp or thread in one of the standard mounts to the stock. They fit one inch slings (like the one above) and come in blued or stainless.

If you like old school checkered walnut stocks, Midway USA will sell you one of these made in USA original Ruger Deluxe Sporter Stocks, see them here

A seller on ebay by the name of Mintero is selling these 3D Printed ABS barrel band with integral sling mounts (for 1.5" slings) on ebay

If you are interested in having a custom 10/22 built just for you, the folks at Clark Custom Guns can help you out, below are just a couple of the ones they have built

LaserMax produced these laser aiming modules for the 10/22, the replace the front barrel band and have adjustments to dial it in. Shop Ruger has them