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2019 Golden Poop Awards: Political Statements about Guns

Last year we brought you a slew of idiotic statements made by politicians and celebrities regarding guns. These people bravely and willingly put their ignorance on display.
Our contetstants are competeing for the Most idiotic Statement about Guns made this year.

These people could use some advice from Mark Twain who once said, "it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt" ....or not... and end up here, competing for a prize no intelligent person would want to win.

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First up we have a couple from the mental heavy weight Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX -18th):

"Homicide is the leading cause of murder"

"I've held an AR-15 in my hands, wish I hadn't, it is as heavy as ten boxes...that you might be moving....and the bullet that is utilized, a fifty caliber, these kinds of bullets...uh need to be licensed and do not need to be on the streets"

Do I really even need to respond to these retarded statements (and yes retarded is the correct term)?

Next up we have a man....if you want to call him that, who serves on the Tacoma City Council.....we know Ryan Mello never served in the military, based on this comment which puts him in the running for the Golden Poop: "....a higher tax on high-velocity ammunition, or more military-style ammunition, such as hollow-point bullets"

If I thought this guy knew how to read I would refer him to a little something called the Hague Convention or maybe a certain Stanley Kubrick movie.

Senator Elizabeth 'Pocahontas" Warren is about as fake as a $3 bill, CNN or Global Warming....she has been trying to get in on the running for a Golden Poop for a while now. We'll include her for this statement: "If someone cannot get on an airplane because the FBI is concerned they might be plotting to do harm against Americans, they shouldn't be able to walk into a store and buy a Rambo-style assault weapon".

Let me start by saying that the do not fly list is wrong, if someone is a credible threat to society, they should be investigated and if there exists probable cause that they committed a crime (like plotting to do harm), then they should be arrested.
Furthermore, criminals plotting harm rarely buy thier guns over the counter or at all. They more often steal them or trade stolen goods for them.
Everyone should be able to buy a gun, as stated before if you are a threat to society, you should be expelled from the country or jailed...period. The tool is not the problem, it is, as it has always been the criminal intent that is the problem. A wise man by the name of Jeff Cooper once stated: "If you get rid of the guns you still have a crime problem, but if you get rid of the criminals you cannot have a gun problem."

Senator and mattress actress Kamala Harris wants to ban the importation of the AR-15 rifle....due to all the oversees manufacture of the notorious foreign rifle. She also wants to "close the loophole allowing women who date men with domestic violence convictions from buying guns."

Yeah, let's make sure the women being beaten can't buy the tool to save their lives....and someone might want to inform her that the AR-15 is U.S. born and bred, if any are imported it is a very small percentage.

Former actress Rosie O'Donnell got into the running with this statement: "I think there should be a law, and I know this is extreme, that no one can have a gun in the U.S. If you have a gun, you go to jail. Only the police should have guns."

This quote was made even more interesting when the hypocrite hired ARMED SECURITY for her son. She, like so many of the Hollywierd society, thinks she has some elite status and is deserving of security, while the rest of us will have to dial 911 and hope the police arrive in time.

The former Senator, V.P. and current POTUS Candidate Joe Biden makes gaffes on a daily basis, many of them regarding guns. He was in the running for the Golden Poop last year, and this year we submit the following statement: "I'm the only one in the United States that has ever, in fact, beat the NRA, flat out, eliminating assualt rifles"

I have news for you groppy. Assult rifles (full auto rifles) are still legal in most states (though regulated by the NFA). Furthermore their semi-auto variants are as popular as ever, thanks to the short term ban and further threats of restrictions from people like you.

Our next contender, retired LAPD Sargent Cheryl Dorsey, has told some serious whoppers....in what could be the dumbest statement ever made she said: "who can ultimately get a gun is not the problem......the problem is high-powered weapons. It's weapons that can go through walls in some instances, armory that officers wear. It's the availability of double-barrelled magazine extended clips. Why would a regular person need all of that?"
These statements makes one wonder.....was she really a police officer or did she just put on the uniform and pretend (is this a case of stolen valor?)??   

Avowed Communist Bernie Sanders is always fighting to win this award, during one of the Democratic Presidential Debates he stated that "we have a gun crisis, right now, 40,000 people a year are getting killed" .

How about we rely on the FBI for our stats shall we?? In 2017 there were a total of 15,129 murders in the U.S., of those 10,982 involved a gun and of those only 403 involved a rifle....hands, feet and fists were used in nearly 700 murders. BTW we had nearly 40,000 people killed on the roads, more than 25% of which were killed by impaired drivers. 
We also have somewhere between 250,000 and 400,000 people killed by medical malpractice....Bernie doesn't care about those deaths, gun deaths are all he cares about....or maybe it is the guns that pose a threat to his plans??

Senator Kristen Gillibrand stated that "....as part of passing that ban (on "assault weapons") do a buy back program across the country..."

You cannot "buy-back" something that you never owned. Also a mandatory "buy-back" is CONFISCATION. Besides law abiding gun owners would not be able to comply as the government could not pass a background check......

Cordozar Broadus Jr. aka Snoop Dogg had this to say about gun ownership: "Politicians, y'all got to pay attention, man. This world that we live in, it's so easy to get your hands on a gun. You've got to put some restrictions on it. I can go outside right now and buy a gun. Easy, just like that. You all should really think about it before it hits one of your family members or it hits you."

How about we start with this....Cordozar is a felon. He is not allowed to own a gun....He has been charged multiple times with illegal gun possession.....that law didn't stop him. He also has multiple charges against him for possession of drugs....laws didn't stop him there either. 
What he should be barking for is stricter and mandatory sentences for criminals which will keep people like him locked up and not on the streets where he can easily get a gun.....
One other thing to chew on, just 2% of the counties in the U.S. represent 51% of the murders.....and Cordozar came from one in the 2%.

Nancy Pelosi is a name that should be familiar to anyone in America, few people are a bigger threat to freedom than this windbag. Among the many gaffes and retarded statements she has made is this one: "Whose political survival is more important than our nation's children. Why won't house Republicans give us a vote on guns?"

Well for starters, the children of this nation do not belong to the nation, she has been reading the manifesto for so long she forgets that we are sovereign citizens....not subjects of the state. Second children do not have "political" lives, and they shouldn't, therefore their "pollical survival" is a meaningless term. You want a vote on guns? Yes is the answer

and this brings us to the king of the Morons....Representative Eric Swalwell....
This empty-headed dipstick responded to a tweet about his gun control plans possibly starting a war with gun owners...his response? "And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they're legit......"

I wonder which governement he is talking about? Is he referring to the United States Government, a government of the people, by the people and for the people?
Perhaps he is thinking about the socialist government of his dreams, a government which purges society of those that disagree with their plans?

and finally what could be the winner of the coveted Golden Poop.....Robert Francis O'Rourke or as some people call him Pendejo O'Rourke: "Hell yes we're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47...."

Um, could you riddle me this snowflake….who exactly do you man by "we"?? Your mouth wouldn't be writing checks that your scrawny ass could not cash would it? Or would you be assuming the men and women of law enforcement in America would be willing to die for your socialist plans?

The above quotes were verified, despite the fake media trying to hide them, they are out there, sources can be found by taking some initiative, don't be lazy.
If the above statements trigger you.....tough shit, grow a pair and toughen up ......or crawl into your safe space and scream at the sky. Either way I don't care about your feelings.
I don't apologize for the truth or the reality of life, doing so would only serve to promote your victimhood lifestyle and I am not one to contribute to such nonsense.

You may also wonder why I don't actually award the Golden Poop to one of these retards. That is because in the real world you don't win a trophy for being stupid. 

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