Friday, November 1, 2019

Featured Gun: Mossberg model 380

The Mossberg model 380 was a semi-auto .22 rifle produced from 1980-1985 in Mossberg's North Haven, Connecticut plant.

The model 380 was a continuation of a design that started with the model 152 then 352, 353, the 377 "Plinkster" and finally the model 380

The tubular receiver houses a round, two piece bolt similar to that of other 22 bolt action and semi-auto rifles and even pistols.

The trigger guards were made of ABS plastic.
The front sight was a throw back (considering this gun was made in the 1980's) dovetailed post adjustable for windage (and elevation by swapping for taller or shorter posts). The rear was  standard leaf/buckhorn type with adjustable elevator.

Disassembly was accomplished by removing the inner magazine tube and unscrewing the take-down screw

The stock was a hardwood with a walnut looking finish, the butt stock held the magazine, accessed via a plastic knob

Action: Semi-automatic, blow back
Caliber: .22LR only
Barrel Length: 20"
Overall Length: 39.5"
Weight: 5.5lbs
Magazine: Tube, in butt stock, 15 rounds
Length of Pull: 13.5"
Rifling: Mossberg AC-Kro-Gruv 
Stock: "walnut finished" hardwood

The model 380 was also brand labeled as the New Haven model 480, New Haven being Mossberg's value priced brand.

The rifles were not big sellers and after just five years production ended.

As with most of my Featured Gun Articles this one was inspired by a project gun.

Somewhere along the way it was exposed to a chemical or something that caused some serious corrosion.

Here is the gun, look for posts on the refinishing of this gun later this month.

It was difficult to find information on these guns, if you are in need of help or need a part for a Mossberg rifle, contact the folks at Havlin Sales, they are the 'GO TO" people when it comes to Mossbergs.

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