Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Winchester Model 70 Project Part 1

A fellow forum member asked me a while back to refinish his Father's Model 70 Winchester. He sent me these pictures:

It appears as though something got spilled on the finish, which removed the bluing and caused some oxidation

Once in my hands I took some additional pictures

The stock was going to need some work as well

As you can see there is plenty of work to do. Besides polishing and bluing the steel parts I will refinish the wood, attempting to remove the dents and gouges and putting a satin sanded-in oil finish.

The first thing I wanted to do was figure out which model and vintage rifle I was working on.
The model 70 came in 11 variants and dozens of calibers. This one was obliviously made before 1964. 
After some quick research I determined that this gun is a standard grade model 70, made in 1947 chambered in .270 Winchester with a 24" barrel.

After the wood is refinished, I will tackle the metal parts. The barrel and trigger guard/floor plate will get a med/high polish finish and the receiver and bolt handle will get a bead blasted matte finish.

I am looking into what it would take to refinish the Weaver K6 scope. I have never taken one of these apart, but at this point the scope probably has zero value, so there would be little to no risk in attempting a restoration.

First step is disassembly

I found a few things when taking the rifle apart, the front swivel is bent, I think I have another one in my collection of sling swivels

Also there was rust everywhere, not bad pitted rust, but rust. The bolt latch spring and plunger were rusty as was the front sight

In part 2 we will get started with the stock

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  1. You definitely have your work cut out with this job! If it were mine, I would replace those hideous Weaver mounts and rings with something that allows better alignment and that is more aesthetically pleaseing.