Saturday, August 11, 2018

Project Mini-Magnum Part 3

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Now that the wood is ready, time to start on the metal parts

I start with the bolt. The bolt was very sticky and gummed up, took some persuasion to get it apart

Next come the trigger and magazine parts

On every project I have two piles of parts after disassembly, one pile will get polished and reblued, the other just gets cleaned and put away until re-assembly.

The nose of the bolt which houses the firing pin and extractor is not aluminum, it is steel, but must be stainless. A magnet will stick to it, but it has no signs of corrosion like every other part has. Either way I will polish it to a high shine.

On .22 rifles I like to separate the receiver from the barrel if possible, but I couldn't get the retaining pin on this gun to budge, no point in going crazy, I'll just blue them together. 

I just happen to have a new take off stainless trigger from a 882 or 982 rifle, but I will blue the old one just in case.

Getting started on the barrel/receiver. This is where the front sight was, you can see what the bluing looked like before.

Starting with 100 grit I use a block of wood to sand lengthwise, then cross ways in a show shine motion. After 99% of the pits are removed I step up to 150, then 220, 280, 320, 400 and finish with 600 grit.
I stay away from the roll marks until I get past the 320 grit mark.

I finished polishing the bolt, now onto the small parts

Mag well bezel



Time to clean up and paint the aluminum trigger guard, some day I will get set up to do anodizing. Until then I will continue to find other ways. I could have bought a new one, and still might, but paint will be fine, it's not like this gun will be used on a daily basis. The caps are for a scope my buddy gave me, they needed a quick shot of paint.

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