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Guest Post: Remington Model 12-CS Restoration Part 4

Part 4 of this restoration of a Remington model 12CS, see the previous posts by clicking the links below:

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The dominate crack you see below is really worse than I thought. I was looking at it again today. It is cracked all the way through and shows along the inside edge of the Trigger Assembly cavity. It runs about another 3/4' to 7/8" inch back further than the picture shows. I tried to force it open to see if I could get the crack to open some. It doesn't want to seem to open enough ( hardly any ) to get glue into the opening. I am afraid much more pressure will tear the crack open even more. As you can see there are 2 more cracks below the main one. The middle one is all the way through to the Trigger Assembly cavity. The bottom one is just through to the hole on the face of the butt stock. There is a corresponding crack like this one the opposite side.

Had thought about doing a modified smaller version of the solution below only using walnut. This would take care of the 2 chips that are gone but would not address the cracks, the mashed in front left corner or either of the chips and missing front bottom corners.

I would really like a ONE quick and easy fix for all ... but that surely ain't happening ...

I could run some dowels across the stock, through the cracks and try and secure the large crack that way but that solution would not work for the smaller cracks.

I had considered something like below - but then realized the most dominant crack extends much further back than where I had the replacement piece set in the picture.

Might be "FUN" trying to recreate a Butt Stock End that would work. O.K. - officially rethinking and mulling, mulling and mulling. How about that recreating the front end of the Butt Stock ??

The muzzle was needing a new crown to rid it of some pitting that was around the old crown ring that I had not been able to get smoothed out. So my first time to redo a crown. Worked out O.K. I guess.

Did some final sanding on the barrel and receiver. Got out the metal stripper/cleaner and washed and rubbed it down good after the sanding. Applied the bluing.

Here some pics ... will let you be the judge of how it turned out. Hope the owner is satisfied.

Just could not get enough stroke with the sandpaper and files to get a really smooth finish on these pitted areas close to the receiver. The pitting is not quite so defined to the naked eye.

I am pleased with how the muzzle turned out. It was really a scarred and pitted mess

Well my usual "Best laid mice of man and plans" bad news "bird of paradise" has come home to roost one more time.

Got word today that the parts supplier does NOT have in stock the Action Bar needed. He was apologetic and very helpful though in trying to find a resolution to the problem. We were on the phone for over an hour. He explained in detail what is needed and did his very best to find a way around our delema.

He said he has seen "3" of the Action Bars" for the Model 12-CS in his 35 years in business so finding one is a loooooooooooooooooooooong shot to say the very least. Of the other 4 suppliers I talked to - 2 had no idea about the part - one said they didn't handle parts for that model - one said did not have one in stock but it could periodically contact them for the next 12 months or so to see if they had one come in.

There is a "light at the end of the tunnel" but there are a few hoops to jump through to get there. The Action Bar for the .22 long rifle Model 12 is identical to the one for the Model 12-CS except for on small detail. A small part was added to the Model 12 Action Bar to make it work with the WRF ammo. He said the part can be easily made and attached to the Model 12 Action Bar so it will work properly with the CS.

The problem lies in the fact that finding a picture, drawing, blue print or spec sheet on this little part is like trying to track down Big Foot. He thinks he may have a source for such material if the source is still alive and kicking. The source is an older gentlemen who authored a book on such things for a lot of different older and popular guns that he has relied on before in search situations. He thought it might take a week or to find out for sure so that avenue is being taken.

I talked to the owner of the 12-CS that I am working on and gave him info on the current situation. We discussed a few options. After we ended the phone conversation he went to work on his situation reconciliation plan. He called back a couple of hours later with info he had found a 12-CS on line and wanted me to look at it. I did so and it looked fine. I texted him with my opinion ( it has 3 day inspection and return policy ) and he purchased it. So will now for sure have a part in hand to look at. I am going to order the .22lr Action Bar tomorrow. If the project of fabricating the necessary part is out of my range of getting it done it will be passed on to my gun smith to have him do it.

So we will have another 12-CS in hand. He is talking having it redone as well.

So we have run into a "BUMP" in the road but seemed to have taken in stride and didn't end up thrown into the ditch.

Work on the gun's refurb completion will move forward.

Meanwhile back at the ranch ... got all of the external parts and external screws blued and finished.

Have started the stripping process on the Trigger Group on the lower right ...

Butt Pad came out satisfactory considering what shape it was in ...

Got the screw that holds the sight in modified. Cut a grove in it so it can be tightened and removed with a screwdriver.

Mag Tube turned out really nice ...

Do have the barrel and pieces reunited. Front and rear sights reinstalled along with the barrel bands.

Have the Butt Stock stripped and first sanding done. First sandings are good for one thing and that being it shows you all of the blemishes and flaws you are going to have to deal with and fix. Have about 30 identified. 6 of these are ID'd as "major" on my work scale with the rest being "medium". Have already taken care of the minor problems.

Finalized the fore grip ... have the new grip lines finalized and the rest of the piece sanded and prepped.

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