Sunday, November 25, 2018

Project Night Prowler Reduex pt 5

Part five of this continuing series.

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One of the last things on my list was to replace the gold trigger with a black one. I found this broken trigger assembly with a black trigger for $3 at a gun show

The proper anodized black trigger compare to the gold anodized, but blacked out, trigger

I cleaned up the parts, reassembled and added some lubrication.

I trimmed the bolt on the vertical fore grip

I swapped out the rear action screw, as the the replacement (and original one for that matter) were a bit too short and had messed up the threads. 
Luckily I had an 8-32 tap, so I cleaned up the threads and added the longer cap screw

Lastly I was not happy with the scope location, the line of sight was way too tall

I happened to have the same scope (different brand, but obviously made in the same factory) that was a 42mm objective instead of the 50mm

I then ordered a set of low rise scope mounts to get the line of sight closer to the bore

The new scope rings have bump outs that fit the picatinney rail, making for a very secure fit

When fitting the scope and adjusting the eye relief, I noticed that my low profile rings combined with the large ocular aperture made for the need for some clearance

So I filed off the first two rails, you rarely ever use the first two anyway.....


The new total dimensions of this rifle are:

Overall length: 29 1/4" (74 cm) (we cut 10 3/4" off the factory length)
Barrel length: 18 1/2"
Overall height: 6 1/4" without scope, 9" with scope

Recap of what we performed:
  • Installed new Badger bullpup stock
  • Blacked out the bolt by bluing it, also cleaned and polished the internal parts
  • Swapped the gold trigger for a black one
  • Swapped the scope and rings for smaller/shorter ones
  • Shortened and recrowned the barrel
  • Added some gription to the butt plate along with the Punisher skull
  •  Added a vertical, folding fore grip

Total costs for the project (this version of it anyway)

Rifle: $50.00
Badger Stock & Scope rail: $144.00
Fore Grip: $0 (came off another project)
Scope: $0 came in a lot of parts I bought
Scope Mounts: $14.88
Laser: $3.99 (discount code)
Trigger parts: $3.00

Total: $215.87

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