Sunday, July 15, 2018

Interesting Firearm Photos XXI

A South Carolina man was arrested for possession of drugs and stolen property, while executing the warrant police discovered close to 10,000 firearms in four tractor trailers, sheds and garages. It is believed that most of the firearms were stolen and traded for drugs.

This Glock was buried in dirt for two years, after being dug up and rinsed off the owner proceeded to successfully shoot 500 rounds through it without lube or any maintenance.See the video here

The Custom engraved Colt Single Action army used by "Ace Hanlon"  (played by Lance Henriksen) in the 1995 motion picture The Quick and the Dead. This is the actual live firing screen gun used in the film.

US Troops with Captured MG42s, STG-44s & MP-40s

This photo of Amanda Knox posing with a Vickers Machine Gun in a museum was used by the rabid anti-gun prosecution in the Meredith Kercher murder case. They insisted her antics with the Vickers meant she was a cold blooded killer.....

The shape of the gun, the lock above the cylinder release and the 7 shot cylinder tell us the gun used as the model for this tattoo is a S&W 686 plus

New York State Troopers on Long Island, circa 1950, note the cross draw revolver holsters

A poster for the Smithsonian....someone is a Teddy fan

Good advice.....

Who ordered the extra large plate of recoil?

This machinist built a brass AR-10 lower out of a casting created from spent shell casings, see the you tube video here

We'll finish with a poem....

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