Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Born Again Winchester Project part 5

This the fifth and final installment of this restoration. If you missed the first four posts or the Featured Gun post, you can see them by clicking the links below:

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Reassembly time. I inserted the barrel into the receiver and after about ten tries, I am sure I have it on straight. The barrel only slides in so far, the spanner nut forces it on the rest of the way

Without the help of instructions or a legible parts diagram I need to make this mess of parts into a working action.....arrrgg

After getting the action put together I installed the stocks....then discovered something. The stock set I bought was listed for a model 190 and the two guns have a different pistol grip, the lever would not close.

Here it is compared to the original stock

So back on ebay I went, I found a model 250 butt stock that was in very good condition for $29 + shipping.

Yep we got the right contour this time

The 250's wrist is squared off

Much better

Last remaining items were the sights, I could not find a replacement for the front sight, so I decided to try and clean it up

It looked pretty bad

But it cleaned up pretty nice, not to shabby

A couple of coats of cold blue and some oil

After installing it I painted what was left of the aluminum bead with some bright orange sight paint

Here are the pictures of the finished rifle:

I'll need to dab some cold blue on the magazine pin

Before and after pictures

Costs for the project:

Rifle, slightly smoked: $50

NOS 190 Forend: $46.45
NOS model 250 butt stock: $28.95
Paint: $0, already had from another project.

Total spent: $125.40


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  2. This might be the best work you've done yet!

  3. Excellent restoration work, great photo's and write up. Well done!