Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Project Deer Stalker Part 4

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Now that we have the stock finished and the barrel/receiver blued, it is time to re-assemble the rifle

I need to put the trigger assembly back together and attach it to the receiver, in this case we have to do it in reverse order. Attach the trigger housing, then assemble the parts and installing the rivets that hold everything together. 

Here is the trial assembly

I had some 5-40 bolts, I used them to fit everything to make sure I had everything in the right place and working.

The pins I ordered did not want to go into the trigger bracket, I didn't really want to try and pound them in while at the same time trying to hold the parts in place. I checked the stock to make sure there would be ample room to install screws, there appeared to be enough space (except for maybe the bottom trigger screw).
So I ordered up some 3/4" long #5-40 screws and locking nuts

The nut and bolt approach did not work out, there was just not quite enough room to make them fit and I didn't want to inlet the stock any further, so back to the rivets. I cleaned up the original rivets, installed them and then peened the back sides with a center punch

I had to do a little bending to get the trigger guard to fit just right, these never fit tight, but this stock is actually for the model 340, which has a much straighter grip profile

I needed to adjust the firing pin protrusion (forward maximum travel)...this is as close as I could get, the next setting had it sticking way too far out which could puncture a primer.


Costs for the project:

Original Rifle: $100.00
Transfer fee: $12.50
New Walnut Stock: $123.00 (with shipping)

Sling Swivels: $0 (got in a lot of parts I bought)
Buffalo Hide 1" Sling: $24.99 

Total: $260.49

Some before and after comparison pictures

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  1. Very nice. I just bought a Stevens 325-C today. $225 I found your write up very interesting. Thanks for putting all this information out there.