Sunday, September 16, 2018

Interesting Firearm Photos XXIII

A Soviet Army soldier teaches Russian partisans how to operate a Browning Hi-Power handgun during Operation Barbarossa, the initial German advance into the Soviet Union. Near Smolensk, 23 August 1941

The first light attached to a pistol?

Cut away of the Israeli Tavor Rifle

37mm Hornets Nest

Actor Bradley Cooper and director Clint Eastwood on the set of the movie American Sniper

If I have to explain who this shirt is referring to....well you need more education

This is a very interesting photo of several members of the Karo tribe. You can see the inclusion of what is essentially the evolution of Russian small arms from World II up to the modern day. Granted the AK is a Chinese Type 56, and the SKS is a Yugoslavian M59/66, you still have the basic lineage, from Mosin to SKS to AK. (GRH)

Christoph Waltz  as Chudnofsky in The Green Hornet

History in Photos 

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