Tuesday, April 24, 2018

March for our Rights Rally

Regular readers of my blog know that I rarely dive into the political side of gun ownership, but sometimes when the things we love are under attack, we are compelled to defend them.

The self-loathing hoplophobes held a nationwide protest on March 24th. The largest march was in D.C.. As typical with any leftist event, they had an unreasonable representation of the fringe element. 
What was almost universal though was the inability by those in attendance to define what should be done, oh there were a few with the opinion that the Second Amendment should be abolished, but I am quite sure that none of those people understood the concept of natural rights.

See the videos below to see the stupidity for yourself. 

Now gun owners are usually passive people who do not get in your face as a result we become part of the silent majority. Several rallies have been organized and on Saturday April 21st to counter the March for our Lives rally, the largest was held in all 50 State Capitals.

I was in attendance at the Washington State Rally held at our capital in Olympia. 
In contrast with folks interviewed above, the people in attendance at the WA state rally were well educated on what the founders intended for us by writing the Second Amendment.

We had a speaker from the Pink Pistols, the Libertarian party, a Chief from a local Native American tribe, several politicians, current and former members of the Armed Forces, a high school student and others.

There were a large number of women in attendance

And people dressed in costume

We even had a skateboarding patriot!

Gun writer Dave Workman was there talking to folks and taking photos

We had a small contingent of Communists; members of the ironically named Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club showed up, passing out propaganda.

These folks do not like the United States and in typical leftist fashion, they took a knee during the National Anthem (which was beautifully sung by Kerry French BTW)

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