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The Golden Poop Awards: Anti-Gun Campaigns

The First Annual Golden Poop Awards for Anti-Gun Campaigns

Brought to you by:


And now the nominees:

The nominees for use of racism in an anti-gun advertisement are:

Moms Demand Action

note only the white kids are holding the guns...... because white devil 
.....and BTW why in the hell do we need to ban chocolate eggs, Little Red Riding Hood and Dodgeball???? #theleftruinseveryfuckingthing

Mom's Demand Action

Again they scapegoat the white race as the cause of I guess an overweight, hairy man is as scary as a women with an AR rifle? Neither scare me, but I guess it makes sense, snowflakes are scared of their own shadow....

In the "We couldn't possibly control our children" category, the nominees are:


I have an idea, let's subject these kids to some very adult items and use them to push our political agenda.....only the left would believe that you cannot control a child, shit they are probably forcing hormone blockers on these young boys.

The National Crime Prevention Council

Many agencies use images or tag lines that would make someone opposing them look ridiculous, but stop for a minute and think about how many children in the last 100 years were raised in a household with firearms? Firearms that were not locked up. The list probably includes the people who authored this ad.


I'll watch MTV when they can explain to me what the "M" stands for in their name. Go back to playing music and leave the important stuff, like Civil Rights, to the grown ups


The nominees for the most ignorant campaign include:

If you need an explanation of why this ad is beyond ignorant, you may be part of the problem

The National Coalition for Gun Control

I guess the world in which these people live, sticks and stones don't really kill. If I thought these people knew how to read I would refer them to the FBI Uniform Crime Report which shows that in the real world, weapons other than guns are used to kill people, a lot of people.

The Hogg's

You know I seem to remember another group who took away guns and wore fashionable arm bands

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility

OK, let me get this straight, writing new laws will stop someone from shooting someone or killing someone?....and this is because the laws against shooting and killing were not effective? So more laws will prevent violence? Based on this logic, all politicians should be able to give up their armed security if we just write another law against harming a politician........
These people have to be evil or retarded....or both?

In the most misleading anti-gun ad category, the nominees are:
Handgun Control Inc.

Handguns killing people, I'd like to see that trick, can they dance a jig as well, mow my lawn, answer the phone?


Lies, Damn lies and Statistics.....did you know that 100% of people exposed to water will die? Did you know that you are ten times more likely to be bitten by a New Yorker than a shark?

Furthermore If I give no apples to the first 9 people and ten apples to the 10th person, the average apple ownership is 1 apple per person.


Do you know what they call someone who believes that inanimate objects are out to get them?

In the "What is your Point" category the contenders are:

The Ad Council

Uhmm, OK, people are hurt in accidents everyday....they are not supposed to happen, that is why we call them accidents. 
BTW how is an accident considered violence? When I hit my thumb with a hammer is that an assault?
How about spending some money on teaching kids gun safety to prevent accidents???????

Stop Handgun Violence

And your point is? How about you give us your address, you know, so criminals will know which houses are "safer".

Follis Advertising LLC

Number one, the gun pictured is an air-soft replica of a real firearm, a real firearm that is NOT easy to get in Connecticut (where Follis Advertising has their home office), Airsoft guns however are sold in any hobby store or Walmart. Number Two they use a little bait and switch and subliminal messaging in the same picture. The cigar pictured is not an ordinary cigar, it is a Cuban cigar, which yes, was difficult to get in the US, but harder to get than an AK variant rifle? I don't think so, just hop on over to Canada and buy one at the Duty Free shop. 
The answer to the question is this: It is easier to buy a toy than a Cuban Cigar because we are were boycotting Communism!


You say "Vast Internet Gun Market", like it is a bad thing..and which record are you referring to? The record of which Jew goes to which Synagogue? The record of who buys the fat girl porn? Free societies should not be keeping records on law abiding people...end of story.

Kenneth Cole

Why would a person with a gun be at risk? and at risk of what??? I'll tell you the answer: The person at risk is your gay model who is about to get thrown from a building by a gang of Islamic Jihadis that were let in the country by sadists and anti-American leftists, all the while this gay man is regretting his decision to NOT own a gun.

Stop Handgun Violence

People who use stats like this prove via their actions that saving lives is not their primary motive. Far more people die from preventable things like Heart Disease, Medical Malpractice, Car accidents and Diabetes, yet these people are only worried about guns. Besides thousands of more lives are saved by the legal, defensive use of firearms, removing the guns would provide criminals with a monopoly on force....causing more deaths

In the "Most Mendacious Anti-Gun ad" we have the following nominees:

Citizens for a Safe Minnesota 

A typical projection tactic of the left, because they are racists, they call everyone (who is not them) a racist, because they hate the poor, they claim everyone (who is not them) hates the poor. 
Again they call everyone NAZI's (in this case gun owners) and attempt to attach nazism to the right wing....ahem..Nazi's were socialists (just like those on the left), took away civil rights (including gun rights, just like those on the left), silenced people who dissented (again, just like those on the left) and used violence as a means of gaining submission (beginning to sound familiar?).
The moral of the story, the real Nazis are the ones diluting the term "Nazi" all while trying to take rights away from law abiding folks.

Stop Handgun Violence

These guys condemn 5 million sportsmen as kidnappers, in the hopes that criminals will get background checks before stealing a gun?

Stop Handgun Violence

Oh really? I have been to dozens of gun shows, how many have these commie pukes been to? Criminals and terrorists are not criminals or terrorists until they break the which point we should keep them behind bars.....notice that the bill board isn't asking for increased sentences, more money for law enforcement or a ban on immigration from terrorist havens....nope, they just want the guns....I wonder why?

I am not sure who authored this bit of genius, but we have more guns in this country than people, if those guns and gun owners were all killers....this piece of propaganda would have never been produced.

Kenneth Cole

Because everyone with a mental condition is a killer, amiright? I guess they figured those 40 million people don't buy overpriced, pretentious clothing either. 
Keep in mind these 40 million people, dangerous or not, also have access to cars, hammers, baseball bats, gasoline, matches and knives.
Better check that dead bolt again I think I heard your mentally ill neighbor rustling in the bushes........sleep well snowflakes.


Moms Demand Action

Is it the fault of the gun lobby that gang members are killing each other (and sometimes innocent people) or could it possibly be the left's policy of coddling criminals? Ever notice the most crime ridden areas are under the control of the anti-gun Democrats and have been for years?

Mad Dog Pac

Are you fucking serious? If the NRA were really terrorists the snowflakes at Mad Dog Pac would be shitting in their panties and hiding under the bed every time they heard a car backfire....well they probably already do that, but the point is, if we were terrorists, they would not have the balls to put up a billboard calling us out....

The category of most ironic ad, the following nominees are:

Resist 45

OK, I get it, you are bad asses right? Well how about you little bitches quit running your mouth and come at us bro? I'm your Huckleberry! 

Stop Handgun Violence 

The irony is thick here, I'd like to see the members of this organization polled on their opinion of abortion, I will bet my paycheck NONE of them are pro-life.

If the preceding evidence doesn't convince you that the left in this country: A. have no sense of morality and B. are not interested in saving lives or stopping crime, then you have no brain and probably don't understand the big words I have been using....

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