Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Western Field 45 project part 3

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Now that we have the stock ready, time to work on the steel parts.

I disassembled the gun, including removing the receiver from the barrel

I also took the bolt apart, I wasn't able to get the bolt handle off, the striker mechanism apart or remove the extractor, but I will work on that later.

I started on the small parts first, I clamped the magazine guide plate to the table and began sanding with 100 grit

 Here are the small parts, almost ready for bluing. I used the wire wheel on the mag release and safety knob, the magazine guide plate and trigger guard were sanded to 600 grit, then put on the buffer

Then I started on the receiver, I started with 100 grit, then worked up to 600 grit, I alternated between sanding fore and aft and cross ways (shoe shine).

Here is the barrel, sanded with 100 grit, just to show you how it looks worse, before it looks better

 and polished to a 600 grit finish

I also polished the screws and nitre blued them

The parts are now blued and ready to go on to our restored stock

Reassembly time, I got everything together ok, then realized I could not find the trigger return spring.....luckily I had these spare parts that were stuck to a portion of a cut-up receiver

All that is left is cleaning/reassembly of the bolt and we can finish the gun

Then I after much cleaning and some fresh oil, I re-assembled the bolt

The parts are blued and the stock is ready, time to put it back together

I had to drill the holes for the sling swivels to 5/32", I used tape as a drill stop


Before and After pics