Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Pink 10/22

If you follow my blog you may remember my posts about the rise in popularity of pink guns (see them here, here and here).

There was also a post regarding a pink 10/22 that I built for my daughter (Building a Girly Rifle part 1 & 2).

As part of our month dedicated to the 10/22 I decided to compile some of the pink accessories available for the Ruger rimfire.

As of this writing the Ruger 10/22 (K10/22RBPZ Model 1185) with the pink laminated stocks are still available (although no longer listed on Ruger's website)

Shooter's discount will sell you just the stock if you already have the rifle:
I found this crazy looking target stock on ebay:

Midway USA has these Volquartsen laminated stocks

If your girl wants to go the tactical route, you could get one of these Tapco stock sets

Rimfire Essentials has both of the Hogue over-molded 10/22 stocks, pink:

and Muddy Girl Camo:

Lyman/TacStar also make a stock for the 10/22 in Muddy Girl Camo. The adjustable butt stock holds two BX1 10 round magazines. Tombstone Tactical has them in stock

Shooter's Discount is offering these Tactical Solution X-Ring receivers and barrels in pink

In addition Shooter's Discount is offering this Tactical Solutions pink flash hider

Midway USA has these pink extended magazine releases from Tactical Solutions

At one time Leupold was offering this pink scope....they seem to be all sold out now:
 Midway USA has these pink trimmed Weaver Kaspa scopes in stock

At one point Ruger was offering their BX25 magazine in "Raspberry", they are like hen's teeth now though

These pink, fluted, bull (.920) barrels are available from Whistle Pig Barrel Company
The barrels are 18.5" long & come in satin or gloss finish
While not currently shown on their website (I found this one on ebay), Rimfire Technologies offers their drop in trigger in pink

As well as push and pull style magazine releases
and their 5MOA scope rail
Perhaps some of these pink accessories are "special run" items as they seem to not be on the manufacturer's websites. This pink barrel made by Tactical Solutions is available from R&S Precision Sports

To provide some ideas, here are some assembled guns in Pink

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