Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Personalized Girly Guns

We covered the factory Pink Guns,  and Pink Gun Products we also covered Theme Guns and personalized Zombie Guns, but we had yet to do a post on Personalized Girly Guns (more than just the color Pink)....... and since October is the "Pink" month (Breast Cancer case you didn't know...Save the boobies!)

This is obviously a personal choice to paint your gun pink or purple. If it helps get women to shoot and carry guns then I am all for it. Besides, most of these guns are not collector grade firearms and majority of the modifications can be undone.

There are now several places on the web for women shooters to find girly gun accessories
The Gun Goddess
The Lock & Load Boutique
Jade Shooting
Packing in Pink
The Well Armed Woman
Pink Hand Guns
Girls with Guns

7.62 Precision
MAD Custom Coating
Scalpel Arms
TJ's Custom Gun Works
On Duty Tactical
Pink Gun .com
Jim's Gun Supply
MSG Firearms

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