Monday, May 5, 2014

More Pink

As my post on the Pink gun craze continues to grow, I have noticed that the trend of marketing the traditionally male oriented shooting products towards women continues to grow as well.

We have for quite a while we've seen pink ear muffs, shooting glasses and other accoutrements.  Recently the ammo manufactures have gotten into the game.

Federal has been making pink shot shells as a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research for a while now, this is a good cause and the price is the same or close to the same, so buy these ones instead and help save boobies!
 Hornady was one of the early adopters of the Zombie craze, they took their V-Max bullets and changed the tips color to green. Now they have taken their Critical Defense ammo and changed the tip color to pink, lowered the powder charge for reduced recoil and packaged it for women. They call it "Critical Defense Lite".

Winchester followed suit, although not specifically targeted to women, they do mention the huge influx of new women to shooting (you might wonder if the giant W is for Women or Winchester....or both?). Winchester's W Defend & W Train ammo is also designed for softer recoil, yet still be effective in defensive situations

Polycase, manufacturers of plastic cased ammunition are making a Pink cartridge now, the ones below look like custom loads as the Polycase website only shows round nose practice ammo.
Kick-EEZ is now selling pink recoil pads
 Crimson Trace now has pink lasers

 Thompson/Center Arms is now offering a couple of Pink stock sets for their Contender Rifles


A pink anodized receiver for your 10-22

 MTM Case Gard Introduced their "Packed in Pink" gun cases and a pink version of their 50 Cal ammo can at the SHOT Show this year. (photo courtesy of personal defense world)

SKB now offers their very popular and indestructible cases in pink

 Some more pink gun cases
Voodoo Tactical now has a pink version of their tactical rifle bag, called the "Voodoo Lady"
 And more:

Pink holsters

You can also pick up these pink ammo boxes from FS Reloading
I'm sure this post will evolve, just as the sport has evolved to become more inclusive of other shooters.
I see this as a good thing long term.
Remember the bigger our sport becomes, the easier and cheaper it will be to find ammo, guns and accessories. The increased numbers will also make it much more difficult to take away our Second Amendment Rights!

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