Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Peronalized Zombie Guns

In my last post I chronicled some of the offerings from manufacturers. In this post I will display a few of the more creative Zombie guns built by individuals. There are probably a million different ones, so we'll just look at the more creative efforts

We'll start with the ultimate Zombie Killer, an AK-47 with a 75 round drum & a battery operated chain saw....

I believe this one is from Cerakote's website (http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/gallery/), If you look closely you can see that this is a Colt Gold Cup National Match pistol, they should've used a Norinco or Rock Island....blasphemy I tell you!

Here are a pair of Glocks that have an eery glow to them, looks as if they were molded from spent nuclear waste...

This one was done by the same guy that re-built my AK-47, Tactical Assault has pictures of his work on both SGN (www.seattleguns.net) and WA Guns (www.waguns.org). Anyway, this gun appears white in the light, but glows Zombie green at night

  There are plenty of options for AR lowers these days, this one is Zombie themed, check out the options for the safety / fun switch...

More Zombiefied AR Rifles

Zombie Shotguns


How about a custom zombie bolt for your 10-22?

how about a stock?

Some additional Zombie guns and accessories

I'll wrap up this post with a couple of Zombie gun safes.....