Friday, March 4, 2016

10/22 Projects

Since this is the month of the 10/22 I decided to start a few 10/22 specific projects this month.

After seeing the projects completed by Hipshot on the Rimfire Central Forum (see his projects here), I decided that I wanted to see if I could build some similar ones.
So I started collecting factory 10/22 stocks, I was able to requisition 5 used stocks for my projects.

Project #1 The 10/22 Hoplophobe project
This will be based on Hipshot's "Black Tactical on the Cheap" project.

I will modify a factory 10/22 stock by adding the pistol grip and straightening out the comb. Then add a vented barrel shroud and muzzle break. I may also add some textured surface to the fore end.

Project #2  10/22 Spencer Rifle
I really liked the idea behind this Hipshot project

I am aware that staining a factory 10/22 (non-walnut) stock is a challenge, mastering this could apply too other non-walnut stocks, (see my post on the Marlin 81DL project)
I hope to improve upon his concept and I have a few ideas on how to do just that.....

Project #3 10/22 Target Bench Rest stock
I'm not into Bench Rest shooting, but it looks like an interesting project, mostly because you can paint the stock any color you want. 
I'm thinking of using polished copper plate for the butt pad and forend tip with a candy tangerine paint job. 
Hipshot calls this one the "Lavender Lady".

Project #4 Thumb hole Target Stock
This Hipshot project is not just unique, it is functional. It will also be a little less complicated than the Bench rest stock above, I may try this one first to see how it goes.

Project #5 Project Pink 10/22
This one came from a member of my local forum (see it here). I plan on opening up the butt stock, shortening the length of pull, adding a flip-flop recoil pad and dying the wood a pink color. I'm not sure if dying the wood pink will work, but I think pink colored maple would look amazing under multiple layers of Tru-Oil!

Project #6 Tactical Charger
I want to attempt to make a stock like the one below, only from wood using a factory stock as the base.

So stayed tuned as I attempt to duplicate and possibly even improve on these great ideas.


  1. That charger is the only charger I've seen that has any appe3al to me