Friday, July 17, 2015

Marlin Model 81-DL project part 2

If you missed part 1 see it here 

Since I was performing some upgrades I thought I would upgrade the scope as well, I had a Tasco 3-9x40 Buck Sight Scope like the one below, I got it from a friend who wanted a scope with a bigger objective...
 I needed new rings, so I bought a new set of these Weaver Quad Lock rings that fit an 11mm Weaver rimfire rail.

Back to the work:
We need to cut the stock, repair the chip, sand, stain, refinish the stock and add the flip flop butt pad.

I used my compound miter saw to cut the stock at 90 degrees to the comb. I'll use part of the cut off piece to make the repair to the chipped toe
 I then used Citristrip to remove the old finish

I then filed the chip in the toe flat, cut a piece of the butt stock and glued it to the stock

After the wood glue dried, I used a rasp and file to knock down the extra wood. I found a high spot on the bottom of the stock right about where the second hole is, I need to fill that hole anyway, so I filed/sanded the stock until the wood was straight & flat
I then cut a piece of the flip flop for the pad, I cut it a little big, so I could grind it to fit
I then mixed up some epoxy to glue it on, I used the left over epoxy and mixed it with saw dust to fill the hole and the small gap at the repair
The belt sander made quick work of the extra flip flop material
 After sanding to 500 grit it was ready for stain, the wood has a weird orange color.
 I first used the Walnut stain from the Birchwood Casey Tru-oil kit, you need to mix it 50/50 with water. The color isn't very dark, I'll see what it looks like after 24 hours, I may switch to a different stain.
I decided to sand the stock back down with 500 grit and re-stain with something a little darker.
I used a Minwax dark walnut.

 After two applications the color didn't even out, some woods just will not accept stain very well. I tried sanding some off, but I couldn't get it to become one consistent color. I decided to go ahead and finish it with Tru-Oil and see if the color grows on me. If not I may try doing something different like a tiger strip motif using a torch to darken the wood....
After 3 coats of Tru-Oil I polished the wood with Brownells rubbing compound

The length of pull is now 13 1/4"
With the stock ready, I re-assembled the rifle, rings and scope

The area I repaired and the re-installed rear sling swivel

Another look at the flip flop recoil pad
 The white chalky stuff is wax residue from when I waxed the stock

I am not really happy with the color of the stock, but I guess I can live with it. I rushed this project along as I have several others on the burner and I thought this would go smoother.....

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