Saturday, March 12, 2016

Interesting Mods for your 10/22

There are at least a million different ways to set up your 10/22. We'll look at just a few of the more interesting components.

We'll start off with a couple of simple ones, this is a new design for a front sling mount using the barrel band, it is available from the Brass Stacker
If you like the original stock and semi-crescent butt plate, you can swap out your plastic one for a ribbed, blued steel or stainless steel replacement from Gun Parts Corp, the price is right at just $22.55!


In the last few years we have seen Magpul making parts for guns other than the AR, they introduced a stock for the 10/22 last year and the hopes are that they will continue with more designs and products for the Ruger rimfire. This is called the Hunter X-22 stock, it has an adjustable butt plate for length of pull, adjustable comb, M-LOK slots for accessories and comes in 4 colors (Black, OD, FDE and Stealth Gray)

JWH Custom machines these custom bolts and can include a message, some of the available engravings include: Zombie Killer, Exterminator, Sniper, Tactical, Takedown and this one:
If you like the "Buck Rogers" look, you could visit Tactical Innovations and pick up one of these finned stainless 8" barrels for your Charger
This unique animal comes from HC Mags 
These hi capacity magazines have an integral speed loading stripper strip(s) making reloading in the field a breeze. I will be doing a review of this system soon.
They also offer a "Tactical Pack"

Another space age looking unit is this stock or "chassis: from Volquartsen, they call it the Inferno Target Chassis, it is CNC machined from aluminum billet and is fully adjustable

A new take on merging tactical and accuracy is this barrel system from Adaptive Tactical the innovative barrel design is called the Tac-Hammer. It uses post tension technology to provide a stiff, harmonic free platform.
They are available for the standard 10/22, the Take-Down model and the Charger
The design includes a cantilever style picatinney rail and matching muzzle break in pink, gray, red and earth
If you really want to go High-Tech, get one of these electronic trigger modules from Electronic Arms


 The company is also working on a next gen bullpup design

A custom built take down stock

Rimfire Technologies offers these unique magazine releases, with these you pull back to release the magazine, instead of push forward.
 In addition to the knurled style above, they have a paddle style and in a multitude of colors.
High Tower Armory has recently introduced a new 10/22 magazine. They come in four colors (black, OD, FDE and desert tan), have a 25 round capacity with windows and round count markers. Best of all they can be disassembled without tools for cleaning or repair. I'll be doing a review of this magazine soon as well.

Force Production offers this unique barrel with honey comb reliefs cut into it.

Tandomkross offers this magazine extension/bumper for the Ruger BX1 10 round magazine, it protects the magazine and provided a better purchase on the magazine for easier extraction
Proving the "Barbie Doll" correlation is this offering from E. Arthur Brown Co., they offer these Green Mountain Barrels with your choice of anodized aluminum barrel shrouds, you can buy multiple colors...

How about this for unique? A billet aluminum receiver with an AR style rear charging handle. They come in seven different colors and are available from Tactical Solutions
They also offer extended bolt handles for the standard configuration, I thought this one was a bit different
KIDD offers plenty of unique accessories for 10/22 rifles, one of which is this tang extension, which adds stability to the receiver, which will improve the rifles accuracy. As with most of the parts from Tony Kidd, it looks and works like it came from the factory.

 Select Fire has long offered their Razor receivers in 80% and 100% configurations, they recently added brass as an option...
Volquartsen Custom is a name that is well known in the 10/22 arena, you can build a complete 10/22 rifle just from parts available on their website. Here is one of their custom CNC machined bolts with integral charging handle

 Here is just one of their many barrel designs

Alumalite USA made this unique one-off muzzle break, looks like it is from the set of Star Wars doesn't it?
Here is a unique bolt handle:

Tactical Innovations makes their fully adjustable TI25 magazine in both polymer and anodized aluminum. The polymer only come in black, but you can have the aluminum version in 9 colors. See their website here for details. I will also be reviewing this magazine in the near future.

Rimfire Research and Development offers this unique custom receiver with side charging handle

How about a left handed cocking device that is built into a picatinney rail? It is called the O.R.C.A. (Opposite Reach Cocking Accessory) and it is from the folks at Mag Bumper

ER Shaw sells these helical relieved bull barrels, they are definitely different
If you have had issues with the receiver pins not staying in place, maybe this KIDD solution is what you need. You countersink the pin holes and then screws hold your pins firmly in place.

Rimfire Technologies is offering a new barrel V-block kit designed to eliminate barrel droop that is common with most 10/22s.

We covered a lot of different 10/22 gun stocks in our Stock Options post a couple of years ago. One that didn't get mentioned (but should have) is this Mannlicher or "International" style stock available from US Inletting & Stocks
If you are "tacticooling" your 10/22 you may want to take a look at these magazines from Battledyne Industries, they have the look and feel of a STANAG AR magazine. I was unable to find Battledyne's website, but I did find the magazines in stock at Iron Eagle Tactical
If you can find one this take down, folding, pistol grip stock from Butler Creek allows its owner to take the gun down to a very manageable size

Need to clean your 10 round factory magazine, Borel Sport sells the tools you need to get the job done.

Another bedding option is this kit from Gunsmither Tools (the same guys that make the 10/22 Bolt Bar). It includes a button for the back of the receiver (that will lock into a corresponding hole in your stock) along with a new barrel v-block that acts as the pillar. They have complete instructions with photos and a video on their website.

This guy modified his 10/22 with a top charging handle, not sure what the advantage is, but he seemed pretty jazzed about it. See his youtube video here