Thursday, November 6, 2014

Building a Girly Rifle Part 1

I decided to build my Daughter a "girly rifle" for plinking.

Pink has become all the rage among women shooters now-a-days and there are more and more pink accessories being made for popular guns like the Ruger 10-22.

I picked up this stainless 10-22 (actually only the barrel is stainless, the receiver is painted aluminum and the trigger housing is silver plastic) for a good price. 
The bonus was that it came with a factory Ruger pink laminated wood stock and a box of "apparatus bellicus unobtanium" also known as: .22 ammo!
My plans include:
  • Smoothing up the action
  • Adding a KIDD bolt buffer
  • Jeweling the bolt
  • Adding a scope, with pink camo wrap
  • Adding pink anodized scope rings and mount
  • Adding a pink anodized mag release, bolt handle and trigger 
  • Painting a 25 round magazine pink
 I would like the pink parts to look like these scope mounts (finish by Gun Candy)
 This is what the pink stuff looks like on a gun
I want to jewel the bolt like this:
 Since Pink Scopes are either rare, expensive or both, I plan on using Mossy Oak's Pink Break-up Camo skin to cover a standard black or silver colored scope

Here is what it looks like on the scope
The guys at GOE Gun Works duracoated these Ruger BX25 Magazines to match the rifles they will go on, I will attempt to perform the same magic with paint

If you need some inspiration: here are some other pink 22 rifles that others have built

Gun Candy
Mossy Oak 
KIDD Innovative Design 
Goe Gun Works

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