Sunday, April 13, 2014

10-22 Action Job

I found this article on how to smooth the action on a Ruger 10-22 rifle.
Originally my inspiration to perform this was to attempt to cure an issue with my trigger not resetting.
The internet provided plenty of possible causes: Trigger spring too weak, Trigger spring too strong, Dirty action, Action needs polishing, Trigger pin walking out.

It turned out to be the trigger pin not staying put, this was caused by a poorly designed stock (see my write up here).

The first step is dis-assembly, here is a diagram to help you, of course there are dozens of these available on the internet. You can download the factory one from Ruger for free here
After removing the bolt and trigger group from the gun I cleaned them in my ultra-sonic cleaner

Then push all the pins out of the trigger group and separate the parts

The 1st part we'll work on is the dis-connector (part B-25 in the diagram above), polish the top side where it comes in contact with the hammer.
 We start with 100 grit, then move to 220, 400, then the buffer

Next we'll tackle the hammer (part # B-17A), polish the top side where the bolt makes contact
Then polish the rounded end where the hammer rides on the sear. Try not to take too much metal and be careful of the notch that locks the hammer back, rounding the edge of the notch could render the hammer useless.

Next polish the sear where the hammer rotates against it. The notch in the end is where the hammer catches and locks when cocked, be careful of that edge as well.

 Then the bottom of the sear, this will aid in the resetting of the trigger.

  Then polish the end of the sear where it interfaces the dis-connector.

next item, the trigger plunger (item B-39) can be radiased and polished, this helps ease trigger pull without affected spring tension. You should also inspect and debur the pocket recess the plunger fits in to make sure the plastic or aluminum housing doesn't have any flashing

Next we polish the round end of the hammer strut

Then we tackle the bolt
 After removing the firing pin and extractor, I sanded them with 400 grit sandpaper to clean them up removing any rough edges
 Then I polished the bottom of the bolt where it interfaces with the hammer

Then polish the sides and top
 The trigger group assembled

And the bolt
I then cleaned up the inside of the receiver. 10-22s have aluminum receivers and the new ones are painted. They come in pretty rough shape from the factory
 I cleaned up the top of the receiver where the bolt rubs against it.

 Finally I added a KIDD bolt buffer, this buffer is a bit unique, it uses a rubber sleeve with a steel pin, this offers reduced impact on the bolt and reduces the noise, but maintains the strength of the original steel pin

Don't be afraid to try this yourself. If you screw up a part, they are readily available from Ruger, Midway USA or your local gun show. Also companies like KIDD, Tactical Solutions, Volquartsen, Power Custom and others offer custom trigger kits that come polished....


KIDD Innovative Design

Trigger kits:
Midway USA
KIDD Innovative Design
Power Custom
Tactical Solutions

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