Thursday, June 20, 2019

Guest Post: Unwrapping an M1D Sniper Rifle

Another guest post by a local forum member, the rest of the words (italicized) are his:

I was recently able to acquire this rare bird, It's a mid 90's DCM Lottery rifle with all the accessories as issued and all still sealed. Until now....

I purchased it with no intent to unwrap it, until the degrading condition of the plastic that sealed it and the concern for any problems I could not see changed my mind.

After opening the plastic I am glad that I did. It had a small spot or rust on the clip release that would have gotten worse had I left it in the wrap.
The bore is pristine, the scope that was inspected and packaged in 1969 is beautiful with clear glass and no flaking inside which tends to happen to the old M84 scopes.

It was quite an experience opening those packages, I assure you, I just wish I had gotten better pics and video. This was a rare opportunity to document the opening of sealed packaging from an all original and documented M1D Sniper.

I will mount the scope and the T-37 flash hider, but the rifle is completely dry of lube from the Arsenal and I wont be changing that.

It will not be fired by me, I am just the custodian of this rifle and I only intend to preserve it.

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